WWE News: Trump Victory Causes WWE Stock To Skyrocket

Donald Trump’s presidential victory has brought some positive WWE news: the soon-to-be President’s win caused the company’s stock to skyrocket, and this is certainly a boom that the company could use right now.

According to Forbes Magazine’s latest WWE news report, even though Donald Trump lost the popular vote, he still won the electoral vote, and therefore, WWE stock jumped almost five percent. While on the surface this may not seem like a huge jump for the organization, it’s one that was much needed given that the company stock had fallen almost 20 percent the month before. The reason for the stock tumble in October, of course, was because people were concerned about the subscriber base as the negotiations to buy TNA were rumored, then in progress, and finally fell completely apart.

In addition, this five percent jump in company stock is much better than the overall market performance of about a one percent increase. It bears noting that Trump, who is in the WWE Hall of Fame and was a frequent participant in the fights, ran on the Republican ticket, and WWE CEO Vince McMahon has been a huge Republican donor for many years. McMahon, in fact, bankrolled his wife Linda’s run for Senate on the Republican ticket (she lost twice, however).

WWE News Donald Trump
The latest WWE news suggests that Donald Trump caused the stock in the company to rise. [Image by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images]

Although Vince McMahon is a huge Republican supporter, the latest WWE news from Metro suggests that he may not be ready to acknowledge a Trump presidency quite yet. In an unprecedented move, McMahon prohibited any of his fighters from voicing their opinion about the presidential election during the campaign, and he has yet to make a statement either for — or against — a Trump presidency.

The only person in the WWE organization who broke that wall of silence was Linda McMahon, who posted a picture of herself at the Trump headquarters when the victory was announced while congratulating the President-elect.

Metro points out that this is unusual for the WWE, because not only has the company traditionally behaved in a civic manner when it comes to Presidents, they have also been quick to align themselves with things that are bigger than “the ring” (think of how the company attached itself to The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan after they retired or otherwise left the company). Could it be that the WWE is trying to send a subtle message?

WWE News Donald Trump
Fans of the WWE seem to love Donald Trump. [Image by Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images]

There is, however, one wrestler who is happy with Trump’s win: Hulk Hogan. According to 411Mania’s latest WWE news report, Hogan told Eric Bischoff that the WWE has no plans to rub Trump’s victory in anyone’s face because the country is so divided right now. However, the company isn’t ruling out the possibility of bringing him back in the future.

“I’d love to see it but I honestly think there’s so much divisiveness in the country right now. There’s people reacting so emotionally. The politics as of late have all been based around identity and emotion. Between the last couple months with lawyers and legal beagles and elections and “he said ” “she said”… I feel like watching Jerry Springer now is kind of like watching Oprah on Sunday. It’s relaxing. After watching all the politics Jerry Springer is kind of calm. I’m still spun upside down from all of the craziness.”

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