Kylie Jenner And Kris Jenner Feuding Over Tyga? Kylie ‘Spending Hundreds Of Thousands’ On Rapper Boyfriend

Kylie Jenner has allegedly been spending “hundreds of thousands” of dollars on dating boyfriend Tyga, and her spending could be driving a wedge and causing a feud between herself and parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.

According to reports, Kris and Caitlyn are allegedly planning to team up to intervene in Kylie and Tyga’s romance and potentially break the couple up as they attempt to stop Jenner from blowing her fortune on the rapper, who she’s thought to have been dating for the past two years.

In Touch Weekly is alleging that Jenner has been blowing through “hundreds of thousands of dollars” when it comes dating Tyga over the past few months, and her alleged reckless spending on luxury gifts for Tyga is reportedly causing tension and a potential feud for Kylie, Kris, and Caitlyn.

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An insider told the magazine that the Kris and Caitlyn “just want her to be smart with her money” amid the feud and breakup rumors and are reportedly planning on intervening in Kylie and Tyga’s dating life before Jenner’s fortune in completely spent.

“Kris and Caitlyn even involved Kylie’s management team,” added an insider of how the divorced couple is teaming up to breakup Kylie and Tyga.

The Jenner family are yet to comment on the feud and money trouble reports, though Hollywood Life recently alleged that Tyga has already passed along a Christmas list to Kylie, and his gift requests include some seriously pricey items.

According to Hollywood Life, Tyga’s luxury Christmas list reportedly includes “a blinged-out grill, Cartier accessorizes, and a vintage Pasha White gold diamond watch, plus a couple’s vacation,” which could set Kylie back some serious cash and only intensify her alleged feud with her parents.

But this isn’t the first time Kylie Jenner has been accused of spending some serious money on dating Tyga.

Radar Online claimed back in July that Kris was worried about her daughter’s spending when it comes to how Jenner has been flashing the cash while dating Tyga.

The site claimed at the time that Jenner is “in danger of going flat broke” unless she undergoes a breakup with the rapper because she’s allegedly been “bankrolling” Tyga for months.

“Kylie had been bankrolling Tyga for well over a year,” an insider told the site of Kylie’s alleged spending on Tyga earlier this year, claiming that that Jenner has been “finding herself short on cash as a result” of dating the aspiring rapper.

“She was always helping him,” the insider continued, claiming that Jenner has allegedly also been helping out a number of the rapper’s friends financially prior to the feud claims. “[Kylie’s] quietly sponsored a bunch of Tyga’s friends who’ve hit her up for loans that total hundreds of thousands at a time.”

But despite the reports claiming Kylie’s serious money spending could be causing a feud between herself, Kris and Caitlyn, Jenner claimed in an April interview with Glamour U.K. that she’s actually very careful with what she spends, suggesting that she may not have been spending quite so much money on dating Tyga as reports are suggesting.

“Ever since I started earning my own money, I’ve paid for everything: all my cars, houses, clothes, everything,” Kylie told the magazine of her money habits earlier this year. “I like to know exactly what’s going on and I’m actually quite careful with what I spend.”

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Kylie then admitted in the pages of the British magazine that she actually considers herself to be “an inspiration” to young girls because she doesn’t “depend on a man or anybody else” for her money.

“I make my own money and start my own businesses,” continued Kylie of her finances, “and I feel like I’m an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own.”

“I haven’t had a dollar of my mom’s money in five years,” added Jenner, prior to the swirling feud rumors.

What do you think of reports claiming that Kylie Jenner’s crazy spending on boyfriend Tyga has got Caitlyn and Kris Jenner ready to intervene and potentially break the couple up?

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