‘The Walking Dead’ News: Robert Kirkman Says TV Show Won’t Influence Comic’s Ending

The Walking Dead television show has started to follow the comics a little more closely in recent seasons. The showrunners created their own path with new characters like Daryl and changes in major scenes, such as Michonne and The Governor’s interactions. However, with Negan killing Glenn on The Walking Dead season premiere, things are starting to match up better.

However, The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman said that he is not letting the television showrunners influence how he is ending the story, and he told Entertainment Weekly that he knows exactly how The Walking Dead ends. Kirkman said that he is taking baby steps toward that ending in the comics and won’t let the TV show influence his decision at all.

“I want this entire long narrative to be a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. We’re just spending a lot of time in the middle, so, I kind of have to know what that direction is, and I have to know what that end point is to be able to keep building towards it. I think that’s the only way to keep it alive.”

Robert Kirkman said that there is no communication between him and The Walking Dead showrunners about the ending of the show and that they have no approval over what happens in the comics. This means that someone could die on the show that is meant to play an important role in the comic’s finale. That also means that Kirkman could kill a major character that The Walking Dead TV series never planned on killing.

Taking a look at the comic books, there have been some deaths on The Walking Dead TV series that never happened in the comic books. An example is Andrea. In the TV show, she had Michonne kill her after getting bitten. In the comics, she is still alive and well and actually developed a romantic relationship with Rick Grimes and became a mother figure to Carl. On The Walking Dead TV show, Michonne seems to fill out that role.

On the other side of things, The Walking Dead TV show saw Denise shot through the eye and killed by a member of the Saviors. She also was apparently a lesbian who was interested in Tara. In the comics, she was Heath’s girlfriend and didn’t die in that manner. She lived longer but died anyway. On The Walking Dead TV show, it was Abraham that died by the arrow.

The Walking Dead TV show made things up by having Abraham die anyway, albeit at the hands of Negan. It seems to be that the finale of the comic book series might not be spoiled by what the TV show has done so far. Robert Kirkman said that the TV show is using his Walking Dead comics almost as a blueprint.

“I mean, I guess to a certain extent, at this point, the comic book is kind of a workshop of future seasons of the show, and it’s fun to think that I can just completely torpedo the story if I wanted to.”


So, what could happen that might throw off The Walking Dead TV show from the comics? In an interview from over the summer with Newsweek, Robert Kirkman said that Rick Grimes will die in the comics. Ther are thoughts that Carl is supposed to be the hero that comes out at the end of The Walking Dead comic book series but losing the main character from the show might hurt a great deal.

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