WWE News: Undertaker Dissed By LeBron James As Basketball Star Refuses To Meet Him

In October, WWE legend The Undertaker showed up at a Cleveland Cavaliers game and waited around backstage to meet the team. What was even cooler was that Undertaker was in full costume, and many of the Cavaliers teammates excitedly took photos with him, his wife Michelle McCool, and the family of the late Ultimate Warrior. However, one person who did not come out to meet him and pose for a photo was LeBron James.

LeBron James was who The Undertaker was there to see. According to reports, Undertaker was hoping to meet LeBron James and pose for some photos, which the WWE could then use for promotional purposes. Now, Cleveland.com reported why LeBron James never showed up to meet The Undertaker.

“If you don’t have an appointment, don’t already know James personally, aren’t a business associate or a small child, the odds of ‘meeting’ James before or after a Cavs game in or near the locker room are not great.

“Another rule. James is not cool with someone purposefully trying to make money or gain fame through him, away from the court. In other words, no PR stunts that don’t benefit James. He wore an Undertaker T-shirt. For him, that’s enough.”

That makes LeBron James look pretty bad, and one wonders if it is the truth. The writer is an official Cavaliers reporter, so there has to be some truth to it. He even mentioned that Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve showed up to meet LeBron James, and he “had no interest” in meeting him either.

That makes LeBron James seem like an arrogant jerk. Of course, if he is getting ready for a game, he has much more important things to do than pose for photos to help promote another company. However, it still makes him look bad by considering himself above other people.

It is also funny because The Undertaker is a legend in the WWE, and most people would consider it an honor to get to meet him. He rarely does anything like this, and the fact that he was there with the family of the late Ultimate Warrior was also a nice touch.

Cleveland Cavaliers players such as Chris “Birdman” Anderson, Richard Jefferson, and more posed for photos with The Undertaker. When asked about the appearance, Undertaker said he saw the photo of LeBron James wearing the Undertaker shirt and wanted to meet him out of mutual respect. It sounds like the respect was one-sided on the WWE star’s part.


The Undertaker has a lot of rumors floating around about him right now. Forbes reported that The Undertaker is returning to WWE SmackDown Live on November 15, which is the final episode before the Survivor Series special WWE Network event. While some might speculate that he is going to get involved in an angle, it is probably just to celebrate the Blue Brand’s 900th episode. Edge will also be there.

There are also the ongoing rumors concerning what will happen concerning The Undertaker and his WrestleMania opponent. Wrestling insider Justin LaBar reported that the most likely opponent for Undertaker at the biggest WWE event of the year is John Cena. There is also the rumor that this could be Undertaker’s final WWE match of his career.

If next year’s Undertaker match at WrestleMania is the final one for the WWE legend, it will make that event a must-watch pay-per-view for any wrestling fan. The Cleveland Cavaliers players who met him will have a memory to last a lifetime, while LeBron James sits in his little shell of fame and listens to his headphones.

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