Natalie Portman’s ‘Jackie’ Performance Makes Her Oscars Frontrunner

Natalie Portman will be honored with an Achievement in Film Award at the 2016 Israel Film Festival, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The 35-year-old Black Swan actress is among a few actors who will be honored at the festival in Los Angeles.

Natalie Portman is not the only honoree at this year’s Israel Film Festival, which will run from November 9 through November 23 in Los Angeles, as Sharon Stone and Jay Sanderson will also receive awards.

Stone will accept the festival’s Career Achievement Award, while Sanderson will be presented with the Community Leadership Award. Natalie Portman, whose birth name is Natalie Hershlag, was born in Jerusalem, Israel, to a Jewish family.

The awards were announced late last month, and it comes at a very opportune time for Natalie Portman, as she is currently promoting her new film, Jackie, with many movie critics saying that her performance makes her an Academy Awards 2017 frontrunner.

In fact, Natalie Portman hasn’t delivered an Oscar-worthy performance since her Oscar-winning role in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan back in 2010, according to Cinema Blend. And now it appears that the actress has an excellent chance to be an Academy Awards contender at next year’s ceremony.

But it’s understandable why Natalie Portman had to take some time off from delivering an Oscar-worthy performance. Because ever since Black Swan was released, the actress had quite a few memorable events in her life, including her marriage to Benjamin Millepied and the birth of her first child.

With Jackie, Natalie Portman lets the entire movie industry know that she is officially back, and she is looking for more Oscar awards. But even after her two mediocre performances in Jane Got a Gun and Knight of Cups, Portman’s Jackie performance proves that the actress still has what it takes to be called one of the best actors of our time.

In fact, Natalie Portman’s performance in Pablo Larrain’s biopic about Jacqueline Kennedy is so brilliant that the actress could be even remembered for that particular role for the rest of her acting career, no matter how long it might be, much like Daniel Radcliffe, who will always be remembered as Harry Potter.

Natalie Portman’s performance in Jackie is mesmerizing for a number of reasons. First, the actress remarkably conveys Jacqueline Kennedy’s inner turmoil after the assassination of her husband, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Second, Natalie Portman has mastered every inch of her face in order to portray a woman that has just lost her husband, and the country is on the brink of chaos. But that woman still does her best to hold firm and not erupt in a fury.

Third, Natalie Portman’s performance is so mesmerizing that viewers don’t really want to see the assassination of JFK itself or hear new details about it. They just want to look at Portman’s face, which sincerely conveys the emotions of all Americans in 1963.

The Jacqueline Kennedy biopic starring Natalie Portman comes at a very opportune time as Americans have headed to voting booths to cast their votes for next U.S. president, with Donald Trump emerging victorious over Hillary Clinton.

All in all, it’s a rather fantastic experience to explore Jacqueline Kennedy’s emotions through Natalie Portman’s stoic face and elegant puffs on a cigarette. But most brilliantly, the 35-year-old Oscar-winning actress has mastered that slight movement of the eyes, eyebrows, and lips that truly sends shivers down the spine.

Natalie Portman has done an amazing job at learning even the tiniest of details about one of the most famous women in U.S. history. Such a remarkable performance makes Portman the frontrunner at next year’s Oscars in the Best Actress category.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]