Kanye West 2020: After Donald Trump Victory, Fans Want Yeezy To Oppose Him Next Time

Could Kanye West be 2020’s President of the United States? Fans and Democrats upset with Donald Trump winning the election in 2016 are asking Yeezy to keep his word and fight where Hillary Clinton failed.

It could be said that this is a lesson that cheaters never prosper, as allegations have pointed to Clinton rigging the election. This was allegedly done by getting well-known celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus to post images on social media telling fans to get out and vote. These images often came with a caption or something suggesting they should vote for Hillary.

This opposes the very reason for voting, since they possibly convinced fans to follow what they did and not voice their own opinions. Taylor Swift was not among them, having stayed unusually quiet about who she was voting for, but urging everybody to make their voice heard.

Now Trump and Pence are the President and Vice President-Elect, respectively, so even if the vote was rigged, it didn’t work like conspiracy theorists predicted. Even allegedly paying major news sources to support her didn’t work for Hillary Clinton.

It’s possible that there were simply too many Republicans tired of the way Barack Obama was running the nation. Obamacare, the nickname for the Affordable Care Act, became a major problem for the nation as healthcare was no longer optional, but mandatory. If you had a job in the past few years and didn’t pay for healthcare, you had to pay the IRS an increasingly larger tax penalty. Next year it will be over $600, which is no small amount for Americans living in or close to poverty.

We will see if Donald Trump is capable of keeping his promise to repeal that law.

In the meantime, those who are furious at the idea that Trump made it this far want Kanye West in 2020. This is partly due to Yeezy announcing at the 2015 VMAs that he would be running for President in four years, according to New York Daily News. Trump had replied that he would love to run against the rapper. Though Kim Kardashian stated that Kanye was serious, the whole thing almost faded into nothing with time.

Now upset Democrats want Kanye to keep his promise, according to Us Weekly. If he does, it might be one of the most entertaining elections in United States history. It might be the first time in history that two celebrities go head to head for the White House.

It remains to be seen if the rapper was indeed serious in his intentions, as it could require him to put his fashion and rapping career on hold for at least four years. Doing something similar didn’t work well in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favor, as when he returned to the big screens, audiences didn’t want him back.

Do you want Kanye West in 2020 running against Donald Trump?

[Featured Image by Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com]