Curtis Stone Feels He’ll Be ‘Pretty Safe In International Waters’ Now That Trump Will Be President

Curtis Stone’s journey to becoming a famous chef is an inspirational one with humble beginnings. Curtis Stone’s interest in cooking started at the tender age of four-years-old when he began taking cooking lessons from his grandmother in Australia.

After pursuing his studies, Curtis Stone, who turned 41-years-old on November 4, gained experience by working at a number of Australian restaurants and later established himself as an expert chef by working at The Savoy Hotel’s five-star restaurant in Melbourne. To broaden his horizons, the Australian chef traveled to London to work under the tutelage of Chef Marco Pierre White at London’s Café Royal. He then worked as a sous-chef at Mirabelle, then went on to become head chef at Marco’s Quo Vadis.

Curtis Stone’s international experience clearly boosted his confidence, and the experienced chef teamed up with one of his peers to launch Surfing the Menu, an Australian television program highlighting Stone cooking typical Australian dishes while traveling along Australia’s coastline. Subsequent television appearances on programs like Take Home Chef, The Biggest Loser, America’s Next Great Restaurant, and the Today Show, earned him the reputation of Celebrity Chef.

The highly-qualified chef has created his own Beverly Hills restaurant, known as Maude, in addition to launching Gwen, another restaurant which he started with his brother, Luke Stone. Recently, Curtis Stone partnered with Princess Cruises so cruise passengers could enjoy his delectable dishes. This successful partnership enabled Stone to open an onboard restaurant called Share.

The restaurant’s menu features unique offerings like the charcuterie starter course, wild mushrooms, roasted crab legs, prawns, and other delicacies.

Despite achieving enormous fame as a highly-regarded chef, Curtis Stone also gained infamy by being a celebrity contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice television show, becoming a contestant who was fired by none other than the newly-elected President Donald Trump. Recently, the popular chef appeared on The Morning Show to promote Share, his cruise-ship restaurant, and he recalled his departure from the show.

It was natural for the show’s host to question his guest about the incident because Donald Trump’s past behavior is causing such a stir in the U.S. political arena. According to the Daily Mail, Curtis Stone revealed that he has no qualms about his past confrontation with Trump and that he’ll feel very safe on the cruise ship if Trump becomes the next American President.

“Clearly, he has no idea what he is doing because he fired me. Otherwise, he would have made me his apprentice. I think you’re pretty safe in international waters if he becomes president.”

As a participant on Celebrity Apprentice, Curtis Stone also confronted Maria Kanellis, the professional wrestler who was also fired by Trump for using disparaging language against Stone. According to News Australia, Maria spoke out against Stone for being arrogant and spoiling the spirit of the game.

“The reason why I said you were so arrogant was because you came in our dressing room and you took a cr*p and left the stench in the room.”

In his personal life, Curtis Stone is like any other family-man who strives to cook a delicious home-cooked meal for his family. However, his family is unique in a special way because Lindsay Price Stone, his wife, and Hudson and Emerson, his two sons, also love preparing family meals.

Appreciating the fun involved in cooking with your spouse and family, Curtis Stone is launching My Kitchen Rules, an American version of the popular Australian show in which celebrity couples compete against each other to prepare a complete menu for a dinner party. According to Parade, Curtis Stone spoke about the excitement of the show, where celebrity couples will be offering their very best.

“Celebrities cooking dinner parties for one another — should be fun. It’s always interesting to watch a couple work in the kitchen, but it’s pretty lighthearted.”

[Featured Image by Tim Boyles/Getty Images]