Alec Baldwin Thinks Charlie Brown Would Have Made An Excellent President

Alec Baldwin’s life looks as perfect as ever, and it seems the actor is achieving significant milestones in both his personal and professional life. Recently, Hilaria Baldwin, Alec’s wife, gave birth to his third son. The couple already has a one-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter.

On the professional front, Baldwin will soon be featuring in three much-anticipated movies, with Blind recently premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival. Besides Blind, the actor is involved in two upcoming films to be released in 2017: The Boss Baby and Downsizing. With so many projects in the pipeline, Baldwin has a busy time ahead with promotions and premieres.

However, he’s also a responsible American citizen and has tried to use his celebrity status to encourage people to register and vote in today’s U.S. presidential election. Alec Baldwin’s involvement in the presidential campaign stems from the fact that a high voter turnout on Election Day is essential to electing the right candidate.

In an effort to motivate young citizens, Baldwin participated in Peanuts Rocks the Vote campaign, a public service announcement where various celebrities are seen with different members of the Peanuts gang. Unlike other public service announcements, the Peanuts campaign is using a different approach to motivate youngsters. Basically, this campaign aims to stimulate the election by nominating each of the comic characters as a presidential hopeful.

Fans of the Peanuts comic strip can go to a website where they vote for their favorite Peanuts character as the next President. While following the simulated election project, visitors to the Peanut’s website will take them to a page where they can register to vote in the real U.S. presidential election. Recently, the actor participated in the campaign to vouch for character Charlie Brown, because he feels this Peanuts character strongly reflects his personality during his childhood. According to Entertainment Weekly, Alec Baldwin spoke about why he’d chose to vote Charlie Brown for President.

“I met Charlie Brown when I was, well, his age, and I discovered someone who wanted the same things I did, and was as anxious about achieving them as I was. If he’s running for President, I’m voting for him.”

Snoopy, Lucy Van Pelt, Linus Van Pelt, Sally Brown, and Franklin are also characters from the popular comic strip that were contesting the fictional presidential elections.

On television, Alec Baldwin attempted to play a significant role in today’s election by impersonating and parodying Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin has been impersonating Donald Trump since the premiere of the 42nd season of NBC’s popular television show. In fact, his sketch comedy was so well received that his Donald Trump impersonation has become a regular on the show.

And the actor appears to be enjoying his stint in the series, because he’s always willing to get into the skin of the character even when delivering an impromptu performance. Alec Baldwin’s enthusiasm to impersonate Donald Trump became evident when the actor attended the Hamptons International Film Festival as a co-chairman. Page Six reports that the actor had to excuse himself from the festival and was rushed to the set of Saturday Night Live when Michael Lorne called him to do a quick Trump impersonation.

According to News Australia, Alec Baldwin’s performance has wowed everyone except Donald Trump, who expressed his criticism about these performances.

“Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me. Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!”

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]