Porsha Williams Accuses Kandi Burruss Of Being Obsessed With Her, Makes Fun Of Kenya Moore’s Skin

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 premiered on Sunday night, one of its stars took to Twitter to throw some shade at her co-stars. As the episode aired, Porsha Williams made fun of Kenya Moore, going so far as making fun of her skin. Later, when Kandi Burruss appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, Porsha accused Kandi of being obsessed with her.

The season premiere episode showed Kenya sending an invite to Phaedra Parks to her housewarming party but not to Porsha. Porsha was actually with Phaedra at Phaedra’s house when a man pulled up in a horse-drawn carriage to drop off Kenya’s invitation, which came on top of a pillow with a tiara. While it was clear that Kenya didn’t want Porsha at her housewarming party, Phaedra immediately decided to bring Porsha as her guest.

On Twitter, Porsha poked fun of Kenya for her dramatic snub. Porsha called Kenya a “dry contact ass trick.”


Later, Porsha re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that compared how Porsha looks like without makeup to how Kenya looks like without makeup. The photo of Kenya highlighted her facial scars. Porsha made it clear that she found the photos hilarious by including two laughing emojis.


After insulting Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams then went after Kandi Burruss. During Kandi’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live later that night, host Andy Cohen read a viewer’s question asking Kandi if she believes that Peter Thomas was ever unfaithful to Cynthia Bailey. Kandi brought up the fact that Porsha has repeatedly claimed that Peter messed around with other women during his marriage to Cynthia but has yet to offer any proof of Peter’s cheating. Kandi also pointed out that no woman has ever come forward as the other woman.

“Okay the rumors that, at least the ones that we heard that were from Porsha, she never gave any receipts, nobody has ever came forward to say, ‘Oh yeah, you know, I was the one that was talking to him,’ and normally, especially because we’re in the public eye, somebody’s gonna come, ‘Oh yeah I was messing with your man,’ or they wanna show you pictures so they like to be able to put you on blast for being with your man. That’s never happened. She put that all out there and has still yet to say where’s the information, who’s the girl, a picture, a text or something.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cynthia said in a recent interview that she believes with all her heart that Peter, whom she is now divorcing, was faithful to her throughout their marriage.

At the mention of Porsha, Andy asked Kandi if she thinks Porsha has changed for the better in terms of her anger management. Kandi made a skeptical face and then burst out laughing.

“Um, I think that Porsha does things for the fans. I think she just, you know, puts on these images to try to trick, fool the fans, you know and it’s totally different.”


Andy asked Kandi what she meant by saying that Porsha does things for the fans. Kandi responded that she thinks that Porsha just went to the anger therapy session just because it was going to be filmed for Real Housewives.

“Me personally, I doubt very seriously she went to meet with that guy any more than when the cameras were there. Maybe one time maybe. I mean I’m just keeping it real. I don’t think so.”


On the Season 9 premiere episode, Porsha was shown attending counseling in an attempt to get her anger under control and learn how to properly react to stressful situations without using her hands. During the session, Porsha revealed that she was bullied as a young girl.

Viewers have seen Porsha Williams get violent more than once. On the Season 6 reunion show, Porsha physically attacked Kenya Moore. On Season 8, Porsha almost got into a physical altercation with Cynthia Bailey and had to be physically subdued by bodyguards. On the Season 8 reunion show, it was revealed that Porsha, while at Phaedra Parks’ Christmas party, ran after a friend down an alleyway and physically attacked her.

Porsha, who was apparently watching Watch What Happens Live, didn’t like hearing what Kandi said about her. After Kandi’s response aired, Porsha posted a clip of singer Mariah Carey singing the line, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” Porsha tweeted that she’s “so flattered” by what was said about her on the talk show.


Porsha’s tweet received some mixed responses. Some people criticized Kandi and told Porsha that Kandi’s just jealous of her. Others, however, pointed out that Kandi didn’t just start talking about Porsha out of the blue but only talked about Porsha in response to questions, which hardly makes Kandi obsessed over Porsha.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 premiere episode ended with the arrival of Porsha Williams, as Phaedra Parks’ guest, to Kenya Moore’s housewarming party. A preview for the next episode shows Kandi Burruss cordially greeting Phaedra and Porsha at the party. Kenya’s response to Porsha, however, is less welcoming. When Kenya sees Porsha, she immediately asks her to step outside for a talk. In her confessional interview, Phaedra prays that Porsha keeps her hands to herself.


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