What do you mean you have to water the plants?

In some ways I envy people with green thumbs – you know those (irritating) people who always go tsk tsk over your littered mess of semi dead plants because you forgot that like just about everything else in this world they need tender loving cars – and water. Sure it's nice to have all those beautiful colors and various shades of green placed around your home, home office, but remembering to water them when needed somehow never makes it to the top of your to-do list.

Well for those plant killing people Karim Rashid comes to the rescue with the Grobal Self-Watering Planter in a variety of sizes and colors to provide just the right color accent along with helping keep your plants alive.

Here's the promo blurb from the store website

A reservoir provides water and nutrients to the growing medium (provided) in the top chamber. A sliver of a window down the side of the pot reveals the water level, which is simply and neatly replenished via the small "nutrapost" which flips open and closed with the soft touch of a finger tip. Essentially, the Grobal is a mini hydroponic planter, self contained and ready to grow an array of plants.


A big thanks to The Office Stylist for the info and linkage. Now I won't feel like a planter murderer everytime someone comes into the office and see brown instead of living green.