MacBook Pro 2016 Shipping: November 11 Soonest ETA For Earliest Buyers?

The initial batch of MacBook Pro 2016 units is most likely already shipping, with reports that November 11 could be the earliest possible date of arrival of these new Apple laptops to customers. If you pre-order the MacBook Pro 2016 model with Apple Retina Touch Bar display and your credit card was recently charged by Apple, it could mean that the order is now being processed and shipping of the unit is already on the horizon.

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As Apple prepares for the first batch of shipments of the MacBook Pro 2016 (both the 13-inch and 15-inch models with Touch Bar), earliest customers can expect to receive it this week, specifically starting Friday, according to reports. Those who ordered the new laptop model on the day of Apple’s “Hello Again” launch event (October 27) or a day after were the ones who reportedly received credit card charges on Monday.

“Delivery dates for the first batch of shipments generally fall between Nov. 11 and Nov. 17, with some of the first wave reporting a date range ending as late as Nov. 25,” AppleInsider further explained.

Website 9to5Mac confirmed reports about the imminent shipping of the new MacBook Pros explaining at the Cupertino-based tech giant usually starts delivering orders soon after charging their customer’s credit cards. However, it seems like the order status has not been changed yet to give an expected delivery day.

“Apple usually changes orders from ‘Processing’ to ‘Shipped’ after charging cards, at which time customers should have a more accurate estimated delivery date provided compared to Apple’s original estimated week-long window,” the site noted.

More on the expected shipping schedule for the MacBook Pro 2016, it seems like those who ordered the Touch Bar-enabled laptop late will get earlier shipment timeframe. From their original expected delivery time, which is at the end of December, the shipping schedule showing up as of the moment is early or mid-December.

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The Macbook Pro 2016 is Apple’s refreshed version of its flagship laptop line and one of its significant highlights is the Touch Bar, which is featured on both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. It is a second Retina display located above the upper part of the keyboard, replacing the Fn keys. The power button with Touch ID is also incorporated in this new feature. Pocket-Lint further described Macbook Pro 2016’s Retina Touch Bar display.

“This OLED panel supports up to 10-points of touch and is full colour, designed to change its options depending on what you’re doing on your Mac. It will offer things like volume sliders, shortcuts in your browser, text predictions when typing and tools when using more advanced programs.”

Although the new MacBook Pro comes with this new cool feature, Apple received a backlash from its followers mostly because of the massive price hike of the devices compared to previous models and for the huge price difference of the Touch Bar-free and Touch Bar-equipped model. The 13-inch Macbook Pro without the Touch Bar is available for $1,499, while the model with this feature is $300 more expensive. Meanwhile, those who wish to get the 15-inch MacBook Pro will have to shell out $2,399

Also, here’s a review for the new Macbook Pro:

Explaining Apple’s pricing for these new MacBook Pros, Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide marketing for Apple, said the following, as cited by iDropNews.

“Affordability is absolutely something we care about. But we don’t design for price, we design for the experience and the quality people expect from Mac. Sometimes that means we end up at the higher end of the range, but not on purpose, just because that’s what it costs.”

If you’re planning to buy the MacBook Pro, its expected availability in Apple stores starts around November 15.

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