‘Late Night’: Seth Meyers Plays World’s Smallest Violin For Donald Trump, ‘Mazel Tov’ Cocktails, Ted Nugent

In the popular “A Closer Look” segment of Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, the host presented his final analysis of the 2016 presidential race, now down to the wire between Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. The segment contains some coarse language.

The final Seth Meyers Trump-Clinton comparison started with the host openly wondering if Hillary Clinton was attempting to collect enough photos of herself with famous musicians to publish a book, People I’m Not As Cool As.

Meyers groaned listening to a clip of the former Secretary of State attempting to channel Pharrell Williams, stating that a Clinton presidency will require an adjustment from the “smooth comic stylings” of President Barack Obama to Hillary’s “wooden mom jokes.”

The late-night host then presented Beyoncé performing at a recent Clinton event with a line of dancers wearing blue, Hillary-styled pantsuits: it was quite a sight to see.

Seth Meyers noted the live CNN coverage of the Beyoncé performance resulting in what he feels is the “worst CNN split screen in history.”

Footage from CNN showed an analyst discussing the electoral map on the left side of the screen, with Beyoncé and the line of pantsuit-wearing dancers performing on the right muted.

“In what world is it OK to mute Beyoncé so the map guy can run through his data,” Meyers asked the audience as they laughed in reply.

Turning to Donald Trump, Meyers played a series of clips showing the Republican at a number of his many recent rallies held across the country, chiding Hillary Clinton for holding events with big-name celebrities.

“I don’t need Jay-Lo, and I don’t need Jon Bon Jovi, nice guy. They’re all nice,” Trump stated before a crowd of supporters. “But I don’t need them.”

Seth Meyers responded to Donald Trump’s comments at another rally that he didn’t need a piano or a guitar to attract big crowds of supporters.

“Trump didn’t bring a guitar or a piano, but that’s OK, I’ve got an instrument for you Donald: the world’s smallest violin,” Meyers said, as he took his left hand and held it in the air beside his head, slowing rubbing his fingers together as the audience laughed and applauded.

'Late Night With Seth Meyers': Clinton, final 2016 elections, 'A Closer Look,'

The host noted that for audience members’ hands, the violin would be one of “regular size.”

Meyers then moved on to Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes’ assertion that a Jay Z video contained a scene where a “mazel tov cocktail” is hurled.

The Late Night host explained that a mazel tov cocktail is what is thrown at a “Jewish wedding if the groom is not a doctor.”

Comparing the Trump campaign’s highlighting of perceived unseemly elements associated with some of the headliners appearing with Hillary Clinton, the host noted that rock musician Ted Nugent has been campaigning on behalf of the Republican. Meyers stated that some of the things that Nugent has said about Hillary Clinton are so offensive that they can’t be repeated on television.

A clip of Nugent appearing before a crowd was then shown.

“I got your blue state right here baby,” Ted Nugent proclaimed, before grabbing his crotch. “Black and blue!”

Seth Meyers openly wondered why Ted Nugent’s “genitals are black and blue” as the audience clapped.

“Is it because you keep grabbing them like that?” Meyers asked the not-present Republican.

The show then turned to recent reports in the New York Times that members of the Trump campaign had “wrestled away” the candidate’s Twitter account in the final days before the election.

Seth Meyers: Trump-Clinton, 'Late Night' host makes final 'A Closer Look' analysis of the 2016 presidential race, plays smallest violin for Donald Trump, 'mazel tov cocktails,' Ted Nugent.

“If somebody can’t handle a Twitter account,” a clip of President Obama stumping for Hillary Clinton was played, “they can’t handle the nuclear codes.”

Meyers praised the president’s abilities as a comic and proposed a new series after the January inauguration entitled, You Can’t Handle The Nuclear Codes, before breaking into a rendition of Obama that had audience members laughing along.

The host continued with the Times article, speaking about Donald Trump’s private musings with regard to how he will “punish his enemies” after election day. The planned punishment is said to include talk of a new “vengeance”-themed super PAC.

Seth Meyers then discussed retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn’s assertions that there wasn’t enough time from when FBI Director James Comey first wrote to U.S. Congress with regard to new investigations into Clinton’s emails, to just over a week later when he announced that the investigation was complete, to analyze 691,200 emails. The retired general calculated that this would require the FBI to have processed one email per second.

Meyers held up the possibility of agents sorting through each of Anthony Weiner’s emails individually and explained that the federal bureau uses software to expedite the analysis of large amounts of email or other documents.

The show then presented Khizr Khan, the father of fallen U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who has been in the sights of the Republican candidate more than once. The father asked if an America under a Donald Trump presidency would be a place that his son, who had given his life for the nation, would even be permitted to live.

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