Who Will Taylor Swift Vote For? Singer Can’t ‘Shake Off’ People Who Want To Know Where She Stands

Taylor Swift is definitely voting today as revealed on her Instagram account, and it seems her opinion could break the internet. Being a highly influential singer and a champion to young women everywhere, even Google search suggestions are full of the question of who will end up on her ballot.

Despite Taylor’s rocky love life, the internet appears obsessed with her. Having ended a long-running (in her case) relationship with Calvin Harris and allegedly moving on with rapper Drake, it seems apparent that she’s probably on the verge of a new album. It’s unknown if Calvin will be the subject of a few songs taken from it. Given her track record on previous albums, he probably is.

Swift seems to be the opposite with her voting decision as she is with her love life.

Daily Mail even tried to get an answer from Swift last night concerning who she’s voting for, to no avail. She stayed silent and kept moving, and hasn’t let anyone know ahead of time. She probably won’t let on who she voted for either.

This differs from the way other celebrities have been handling the voting process.

Many strong right-wing celebrities have thrown their support in with Donald Trump, while left-wing ones are obviously going with Hillary Clinton. Beyonce and Katy Perry have already thrown their lots in with Clinton, according to Popcrush, so their followers are likely voting the same way. Loretta Lynn and Wayne Newton are doing likewise for Trump. Celebrities know that their followers will usually vote the same as they do. Taylor Swift’s silence could actually be the best message she can offer.

Even “All About that Bass” singer Meghan Trainor, who is allegedly sitting out the election this year, has stated that she would vote for Hillary, if at all.

Not choosing a side publicly, the “Shake it Off” singer posted a picture of herself on Instagram pointing at a sign which says “voters entrance.” The caption reads “Today is the day. Go out and VOTE.” Her followers are apparently getting the message, even possibly unknowingly, as comments have spammed her Instagram photo with support for both sides.

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE???????? pic.twitter.com/NdJ0OeiuUH

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) November 8, 2016

This also shows that Swift’s fans might be more informed than a majority of Google’s users lately. The top search for a few hours today was “who is on my ballot?” This means that most people actually don’t know anything about the candidates or who they are. USA Today adds that people are also looking to follow their favorite celebrities’ opinions to the polls, with the top searches being for Swift, Monica Lewinsky, George Bush, Al Gore, and Mitt Romney.

This means that Taylor is the only top search result which isn’t directly connected to politics. With one of the largest followings on Instagram and Twitter, she apparently knows her opinion could sway her fans. It seems she probably knows that people will simply take her opinion and make it theirs, and she doesn’t want that. It appears Taylor wants the fans to make up their own minds and get out there to voice their opinion at the polls.

In the end, it appears that who Taylor Swift votes for is irrelevant. The United States Presidential election isn’t about who your favorite celebrities want in the White House. It’s your choice, not theirs.

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