The Pre-Nup Between Mariah Carey And James Packer Was Crazy

It’s now obvious that the prenuptial agreement between Mariah Carey and James Packer will never be executed, but that doesn’t change the fact that the details of the agreement were among the craziest line items that anyone has ever seen in a prenup. But before Carey and Packer completely part company for good, Mariah still wants her payday and is now calling it an inconvenience fee.

At this point, Mariah Carey is allegedly frustrated that James Packer has not paid her yet, and that he is still negotiating what, if anything, Carey will get from him, says the Inquisitr. Even though an agreement wasn’t signed, Mariah Carey has requested $50 million from James Packer, because she has been inconvenienced, relocating to the West Coast, and canceling concert dates. In addition to the cash pay-off, Mariah Carey says that she will be keeping her engagement ring, which is valued at over $10 million.


Oddly, the prenup negotiations broke down because Mariah Carey’s people claim their boss was being treated like a gold-digger. But now that the wedding is off, Mariah Carey seems to most to be living up to the definition of a gold-digger. The original pre-nuptial agreement offered by James Packer promised Mariah Carey $1 million for each full year the couple stayed married, says Page Six. Carey’s people thought that was way too low.

“Mariah earns that in 45 minutes for a private performance. This is insulting!”


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Packer’s people went back to the drawing board and offered $5 million a year, capping off at $30 million. Packer also offered a credit card for Mariah Carey, but it could not be used to buy clothes. The card was for household items and home staff. Additionally, neither Mariah Carey nor her children would inherit any money from Packer. Also, Mariah Carey would only be entitled to use one private jet.

“It shall not be appropriate to provide a second airplane for Mariah’s use, or the use of her children.”


And Mariah Carey will not have to wonder whether something is a gift or not, because gifts will be labeled as such.

“James shall have no further obligation to provide clothing for Mariah, but he may, as he chooses, make any gifts of clothing… Except for gifts between them for their engagement, wedding or on birthdays and anniversaries, no item of jewelry and/or personal adornment costing over $250,000 will be deemed a gift unless accompanied by, or promptly followed by, a writing specifically stating, ‘This is my gift to you.'”

It seems that at the end, most of the disagreements were about money, but sources say that Packer had serious concerns over the way Mariah Carey parented her 5-year-old twins with Nick Cannon, says the Daily Mail. The twins, Monroe and Moroccan, were said to be bratty and not at all like Packer’s children.

“He [James] just couldn’t handle her kids – they were pretty bratty compared to his three [Emmanuelle, four, Jackson, six and Indigo, eight] with Erica, who’s a fantastic mum.”


There has reportedly been a total breakdown of communication between Mariah Carey and James Packer. At this point, all conversations are between lawyers for the two, but any hope of a reconciliation has vanished. Carey’s reps say she is demanding a payoff before the relationship can be officially put to bed.

Do you think that Mariah Carey will get the full $50 million check she wants? Doe this make her a gold-digger in your opinion?

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