‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: Who Won The Week 6 POV, Is Whitney A Traitor, & Did Jason Dupe The Ball Smashers Alliance?

As an upcoming double eviction draws near, cast members scrambled to make deals, promises, and whatever else they could think of to try to stay in the Big Brother: Over the Top another week.

The Week 6 Power of Veto (POV) challenge winner is part of this chaos, creating a situation in which Whitney Hogg made a comment that caused her alliance to view her as a traitor and led Jason Roy to wheel and deal, a move that could lead to an epic Big Brother blindside.


Live feeds from inside the Big Brother: Over the Top house on Monday featured the POV competition, which included the Head of Household (HOH) Shelby Stockton and her co-HOH, Jason, who was given that designation after viewers voted him the recipient of the most recent care package. Also taking part in the POV was Whitney, who was nominated for eviction by Shelby, Danielle Lickey (who was Jason’s nominee), Alex Willett (who was America’s Nominee), and Morgan Willett.


The challenge required POV participants to carry balls in a clear, plastic horizontal tube as they walked across a balance beam, ultimately having to deposit the balls into vertical tubes at the other end. According to Joker’s Updates, the houseguests had to carry two balls each time they walked across the beam, with a reset taking place if any of the cast members touched the ground while heading to place the balls in the tubes. In addition, there was a two-hour time limit for the challenge, so if houseguests weren’t done by the time limit, the cast member with the most balls in the tubes would win. If a tie took place, the player who placed the last ball in a tube first would be victorious.


In the end, Jason won the POV about 40 minutes into the challenge. For the Late Night Jamboree or Late Night Crew (LNC) alliance, this was the fulfillment of a grand plan. Danielle — who is part of the LNC, along with Jason — thought she would win the POV, which is why she agreed to be Jason’s nominee for eviction. They decided she would then remove herself from the chopping block, which would allow Jason to replace her with a member of the opposition alliance, the Ball Smashers.


Prior to the POV, the LNC was heard on live feeds discussing that Jason should replace Danielle with Morgan and vote to send Alex home.

The Ball Smashers alliance consists of Alex, Morgan, and Shelby, who were seen on live feeds sulking after the POV in an open lounge area above the Big Brother: Over the Top kitchen area. Whitney, who started out as a dedicated member of the Ball Smashers at the beginning of the season, has begun to drift to the LNC side of the house as of late. On November 7, however, a statement she made that was overheard by the Alex, Morgan, and Shelby seemed to solidify in their minds she had turned on them and their alliance.


According to NotToomsClips, as Whitney and Justin Duncan, part of the LNC, prepared food in the kitchen, Whitney said they should have a “celebratory” dinner, presumably due to the POV outcome. Immediately, the Ball Smashers took offense to Whitney’s statement, since as things now stand, Alex will be heading out the door during the November 9 live eviction.


Morgan immediately headed down the Big Brother: Over the Top stairs to confront Whitney, asking what was being celebrated, which seemed to take Whitney off-guard. She quickly said she was speaking about celebrating that Justin was done being a Have-Not and having to eat Big Brother slop so he could eat regular food. This made no sense to anyone in the house since Justin had been off of slop since Friday.

This lit a fire under the Ball Smashers, who decided their only hope of saving one of their own was to try to make some sort of deal with Jason. They met with Jason in the HOH room and begged him to use the POV on Alex. They asked that Jason put Justin on the block, thereby backdooring one of his LNC allies. According to Joker’s Updates, the Ball Smashers also gave Jason an alternative move that could help them, which would entail voting out Whitney, who Jason claimed was not part of his group.


Alex, Morgan, and Shelby promised Jason that if he helped them out, they would keep him safe during Wednesday night’s double eviction and protect him as long as they could in the Big Brother: Over the Top game. Jason could be seen on live feeds being very cordial and extremely agreeable, but he did tell the women he must still do what is best for his game.


Sadly for the Ball Smashers, Jason seemed to have truly duped them, as he went back to his crew and informed them all, including Danielle and Whitney, about the entire conversation he had with Alex, Morgan, and Shelby. They all laughed and decided that Jason and Danielle would pretend to align with the Ball Smashers, making them think they are going to vote out Justin, but instead, they will be plotting to give Alex the boot.


Whatever Jason decides to do with the POV will be made clear at 1 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, as that is when the POV ceremony will take place.


Nevertheless, Jason’s conversation seemed to uplift the spirits of Alex, Morgan, and Shelby, who now have presumably false hope that all of them are safe this week.

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