‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucy Confronts Ava On What She Did To Morgan — How Soon Before Her Secret Is Exposed?

In a surprising twist on Monday’s General Hospital, the person who has been sending those texts to Ava Jerome was revealed. While the majority figured that it would be Valentin Cassadine who was the one who grabbed those pills out of the trash can, it was actually Lucy Coe who was the culprit. After their fiery confrontation, Ms. Jerome will now have to scramble to figure out what to do about Lucy.

Soap Hub had the details on all that happened with Ava Jerome. She is quite freaked out that someone else besides Scott Baldwin knows that she switched up Morgan’s bipolar medications. It was also surprising to General Hospital viewers when they realized that it was Lucy who was the one who sent the messages. Why didn’t she go straight to Sonny and Carly instead of confronting Ava on what she knows? That is the question that some may be asking.


At the same time that the two women were having their meeting, Carly had brought Morgan’s journal to Sonny after she realized that their son was still taking his drugs like he was supposed to right before he died. The journal revealed his frustrations and anger on why they weren’t working anymore. Carly is on a mission to find out the truth, and once she does, Ava Jerome better watch out. Lucy now knows the truth and could have exposed Ava right away, but she instead had chosen to taunt her with her secret.

Lucy Coe is certainly not innocent as she has quite a manipulative history on General Hospital. Many fans are up in arms wondering why she wouldn’t have revealed what she knows as she also has a daughter and should think about how she would feel if her child had died like Morgan did and she could tell the truth on what happened. Maybe she just needs the money and is out to eventually blackmail Ava Jerome.


It also sounds like Scott Baldwin will be confronted by Lucy as well. She may have figured out that he also knows exactly what Ava did. Those two have a history together, so this could work to Ava’s advantage. Will she use Scott to get what she wants from Lucy? This triangle of lies may just make Scott wish that he wasn’t caught in the middle of these two manipulative females.

There may also be another person involved in this mess. According to a General Hospital spoiler posted by Soaps She Knows for Tuesday’s episode, Tracy Quartermaine is expected to witness some type of meeting. It doesn’t say who she saw or where the meeting was located, but she could very well have ran upon Lucy and Ava together. If this spoiler does point to this unlikely pair that Tracy sees, this will definitely lead to her doing her own investigation as to what they were doing together. Remember that she had words with Lucy over the hospital being up for sale and Tracy wasn’t very happy with her. Is this the unusual meeting that she witnesses?


Everyone knows that meeting with Ava Jerome could only lead to trouble and Lucy has stepped right into it. Of course, trying to blackmail a Jerome could have deathly consequences. Ava will most likely go right to her brother Julian, and that could spell trouble for Lucy. One thing is for sure, this will make Scott very uncomfortable thinking that Lucy’s life could be in danger over this. She is playing with fire when it comes to dealing with such a dangerous family. Will Scott make a plea to Ava on Lucy’s behalf? Will he somehow steal the bottle of pills from Lucy, so she won’t have any ammunition against Ava?


Carly may just find out on her own that someone switched up Morgan’s meds and once that happens, she will eventually remember that Ava had many times of roaming through their house when she was supposedly spending time with Avery. The claws will come out, and Ava Jerome better run for her life.

How do you think Sonny and Carly will find out what Ava did to their son? Will it be Carly who finds out first or will Lucy expose the secret? There is much more to come on ABC’s General Hospital this November.

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