Ashlee Holmes Slams Teresa Giudice For Talking About Her, Her Brother, And Her Son

Ashlee Holmes has grown up in front of the Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers. Ashlee was a grumpy and troublesome teenager when her mother, Jacqueline Laurita, joined the show years ago. Over the years, Holmes caused trouble for her mother in New Jersey, moved to Los Angeles to be independent, and now she’s back in New Jersey with her future husband and her son. Ashlee got engaged on this season of the show and she found out she was pregnant shortly after. In other words, the troublesome teenager from years ago is now a grown woman.

According to a new tweet, Ashlee Holmes watched the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night and she used Twitter to share her thoughts about Teresa, as Giudice kept bringing up Ashlee on the reunion special. Teresa felt that Ashlee had been rude on social media after she shared some comments about Giudice looking like an ape after Teresa said on the show that Jacqueline’s surgical procedures were causing brain damage.

“Really? People think that Ashlee was wrong for giving Teresa the exact amount of respect that Tre have Jacqueline? #RHONJ,” one fan wrote, to which Ashlee Holmes replied, “Right? lol and let’s not forget that I’m almost 26 years old… I’m an adult… I don’t HAVE TO respect ANYONE that doesn’t deserve it.”

Holmes brought up that she is indeed a grown woman and she doesn’t have to respect any woman who doesn’t respect her or her family. Teresa kept talking about how Ashlee should respect her elders, but she doesn’t think that’s necessary with Giudice talking so badly about Holmes’ mother. In addition, Gia Giudice, who is just a teenager, also talked badly on social media about the Real Housewives of New Jerseyladies and things got heated during the reunion.


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And Ashlee Holmes wasn’t happy when she heard of her former friend talking about her brother, Nicholas. Jacqueline has been very open about Nicholas’ autism journey and she even invited Giudice into her world. But when the mother of four was asked about Nicholas during the reunion special, Holmes decided to focus her energy on things that had come up in the past. And her comments were hilarious despite the severity of the conversation.

“Don’t feel sorry for Nicholas. He can spell more than you can #RHONJ,” Ashlee wrote about her brother, Nicholas, who came up during the reunion special, to which fans replied with, “She was never rude to your mom regarding nick. She was good to him. You’re still the same kid from season 1” and “I do feel sorry for your poor baby. An atrociously botched grandma and no other decent role model in sight.”

Of course, Ashlee Holmes was referring to Teresa’s writing abilities a few years ago, when Giudice was accused of not writing her own blogs for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Many of the daughters of other wives, including Lauren Manzo and Ashlee herself, questioned Teresa about who was writing her blogs, as she was caught using what Holmes would classify as “big words.” In her defense of her brother, Ashlee pointed out that Nicholas could probably spell better than Teresa, so she shouldn’t feel so bad for him.

Since Giudice and Melissa Gorga have worked out their issues and are standing by one another, one can imagine that Jacqueline is relying on her daughter, Ashlee Holmes, having her back during this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

What do you think of Ashlee Holmes slamming Teresa Giudice for the comments she made about Nicholas and her own mother? Do you think she’s protecting her mother as much as possible?

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