Kenya Moore Slams Sheree Whitfield’s Comments About Moore Manor Housewarming Party

Kenya Moore finally moved into her home on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Even though Moore had made a bet with Sheree Whitfield about who would move into their home the fastest, she decided to have a housewarming party long before her home was ready. As her co-stars walked through the home, Sheree kept noticing things about the home that still weren’t done. And she even told Cynthia Bailey that she had some dust on her clothing from the construction zone.

According to a new tweet, Kenya Moore is now clapping back at Sheree, who had plenty of things to say about Moore’s home behind her back. She kept pointing out some things that were not done, but she never told Kenya her thoughts to her face. So when Moore was watching the season premiere, she used Twitter to share her honest thoughts about what was said.

“If you’re going to throw stones at least throw them from inside your house… chile #RHOA,” Kenya Moore tweeted to her followers, sharing that Sheree seemed to be very busy being critical of Kenya’s home even though Sheree hadn’t moved into her own home yet.

Even though Whitfield claims she didn’t break ground until 2012, Bravo showed old clips from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she was standing on her property with a construction crew in 2010. In this clip, they promised her that she could move in so she could celebrate Christmas in the home in late 2010. Sadly, it sounds like she would have to wait six years before she could celebrate Christmas in her massive home.

When Kenya Moore told her contractors that she needed to have the house done in two weeks as she was hosting her housewarming party, her contractor was shocked. And it sounds like many people were shocked at her decision to have the housewarming party when her home wasn’t even complete. But Moore hinted that she didn’t have a choice in hosting the party because she felt like she needed to show off the home. People wanted to see the home, and Kenya felt pressured to have the party.


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“Um how about don’t throw a housewarming party when you’re stressed because your house isn’t done Kenya Moore? #RHOA,” one person questioned Kenya Moore in regards to her housewarming party, to which Moore replied, “I give the people what they want, they wanted to see #MooreManor #RHOA.”

Moore worked hard to get the home ready, but she admits that some things simply weren’t done on time because of a tight schedule. And she felt that Whitfield was being a bit critical considering it has taken her six years to build her own home. Rather than sit back and ignore the comments, Kenya Moore decided to use Twitter to share her feelings. And she points out that at least she’s living in her home, unlike Sheree. On the show, Moore hinted that her co-star may be living in a shelter.

“Ummm at least I live in my home…. 5 years later and still throwing stones from an apartment #RHOA,” Kenya Moore pointed out on Twitter, hinting that Sheree was throwing stones at her even though she was living in a glass house.

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s comments about her co-star?

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