Netflix ‘The Crown’ Season 2 Is Official, But The Main Cast Is Being Replaced For Season 3

Many viewers have already been sucked into the Netflix series The Crown and are wondering when they will get a second season. The next season of The Crown is moving forward with a tentative release date. Season 2 will see Queen Elizabeth through 1964 and delve into the post-Churchill era. But perhaps the biggest news about The Crown is that after Season 2, the main cast leads, including Matt Smith and Claire Foy, will all be replaced.

The Crown is the most expensive Netflix series yet, and it is likely to maintain that status with each season, says the Inquisitr. From the interior palace shots to the sweeping views of Africa, with elephants and giraffes on the Savannah (not to mention the costumes), it is easy to see what all that money is buying. The series, which starts with Princess Elizabeth marrying Philip Mountbatten of Greece, tells the story of the now-Queen Elizabeth’s evolution as a queen and how the modern monarchy came to be in the United Kingdon.

The Netflix series The Crown is drawing in audiences from many different groups, including the Merchant Ivory crowd, who tend to be suckers for a costume drama, royal watchers, history buffs, and those with Downton Abbey withdrawal. All of these groups will be satisfied, but those looking for the next Game of Thrones will likely leave unsatisfied, as most of the blood in the first season is in King George VI’s hankie, as he is coughing it up due to a fight with lung cancer.


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The New York Times says if you are looking for brutal battle scenes, beheadings, and orgies, The Crown is not for you, but instead, you get amazing performances and lush scenery. With a budget believed to be over $100 million, The Crown is going big, but it’s easy to see how the money was spent. John Lithgow is Winston Churchill, and while watching, you forget it’s John Lithgow playing the role of the cantankerous legendary prime minister.

In the past, many stories about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign were wrapped up in two hours or perhaps a two-part mini-series, but not Peter Morgan’s take on Queen Elizabeth, who is still on the throne. The Crown starts with King George VI as the only one who seems to know his days are numbered. King George IV (the same king that was depicted in The King’s Speech) eases Elizabeth into stepping up her service as a way for her to dip her toe in the pool as a step toward ruling England, only she and her husband Prince Philip don’t know that the day is coming soon.

But if you are waiting and hoping for a sex scandal, the closest thing you will get is Princess Margaret, whose behavior can lean towards tarty. The Crown delivers performances that are better than good enough, and it lets you forget that you likely know what’s coming next.

But Digital Spy is breaking the big news that after Season 2, Matt Smith, Claire Foy, and quite a few others will be gone from The Crown. Season 2 has started shooting at locations around the U.K. The series is to run for six seasons, and according to series producer Andrew Eaton, beginning with Season 3, The Crown will need an older Elizabeth and Philip. Eaton is not yet sharing which actors are in talks to take over for Claire Foy and Matt Smith, as they want to have Foy be the face of Queen Elizabeth for now.

“If you’re going to take this character – and she’s doing all of the first two seasons, so it’s 20 hours with the same character – it’s got to be someone that you can identify with and feels vulnerable and sympathetic and she has that quality as a person. Everyone fell in love with her and she felt like somebody that you could go on that journey with for that length of time. Some of the other people who auditioned, it felt like they were trying to do more of an impression of the Queen, rather than create a character who was based on her.”

Are you watching The Crown? What actors do you think should take over for Claire Foy and Matt Smith?

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