Miley Cyrus Makes ‘Men’ Debut: Singer Kisses Jones, Teases Kutcher [Video]

Hanna Montana is back on TV. Miley Cyrus made her debut on Two and a Half Men last night as a sexy and talkative old friend of Walden (Ashton Kutcher).

But Walden wasn’t the object of Cyrus’ affection. Miley’s character, Missy, puts Walden in some awkward situations during the show (she wants to sunbathe topless outside, she crawls into his bed wearing a skimpy nightgown , and, for most of the episode, Kutcher is fighting with the fact that his former friend, who he hasn’t seen since she was 8-years-0ld, is now a sexy and promiscuous teenager.

Kutcher is flattered, but uncomfortable, with Miley’s supposed advances, but later finds out that she is not interested him at all. Nope, Missy is more interested in setting up Walden with her mother. (See video below.)

But Missy did find some love on Two and Half Men. Missy goes for the youngest Men member, Jake, played by Angus T. Jones. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Missy decides that she’s not ready to commit to a relationship to Jake and says goodbye.

Still, it may not be the end of Miley’s stint on Men. The show left it open for the singer to return to the set, and Miley said that she would be interested in doing another episode.

Miley said:

“I hope that at some point I can come back here and do this, just ’cause it’s been a really good time. So I think it’s a really fun episode, and it sets up, if I ever want to come back here … I think it’s really fun to play a character who is so opposite of the other girls who’ve been on the show.”

Here are a few clips of Miley Cyrus on Men.