‘The Walking Dead”‘ Steven Yeun Covers ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ Reveals Glenn’s Last Words

Beware TWD spoilers from Season 7 premiere are ahead.

Steven Yeun graced the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and it was a big darn deal. The magazine published its latest cover featuring the actor, known for his role of Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead.

The cover did more than just spoil the shocking death of one of the most popular characters on the show. Entertainment Weekly also featured the third Asian American actor on the cover of its magazine. Yeun is only one of the three Asian male actors to appear solo on the cover of Entertainment Weekly since its first issue in 1990, according to Fusion, as cited by the Huffington Post. It’s why Yeun’s Entertainment Weekly is such a big deal for Asian American actors who are told that they could never be considered as attractive or masculine enough.

Inside the issue, Yeun revealed Glenn’s final words, which were “I will find you.” Those were his last words to Maggie on The Walking Dead in the middle of being hit with a barb-wired covered baseball bat, courtesy of Negan. Yeun said that Glenn’s final words were poignant to him since he recently got married himself.

Dania Gurira With Steven Yeun
[Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for AMC]

“It’s so emotional to talk about, because Glenn does represent so much,” Yeun spoke to EW of Glenn’s final moments.

“Even for myself, being newly married, you know that love, and you know what his final wishes are, that he would go so far to say even in his broken state, ‘I will find you.’ That’s heavy.”

Yeun went on to explain what those final words meant.

“Part of it is that he’s just had his brain knocked in and is glitching. And maybe he’s going back to a time when he was looking for Maggie when they were separated. Maybe he’s trying to leave a lasting legacy of what it is to be Glenn in that moment and to be selfless and say, ‘Don’t worry, I will always be here,’ or ‘There’s nothing that can separate us,’ and that could definitely be it. But I think the beauty of this particular situation is the fact that it’s so layered, and you can draw whatever you want out of those words.”

Yeun also admitted that like fans, he still hasn’t “fully processed” Glenn’s brutal death yet. He shared his memories on the show, along with his thoughts on having to say goodbye to both the cast and his character, according to a separate Entertainment Weekly report. Yeun added that he will probably look back fondly and get emotional over that moment. Though he teared up on The Talking Dead with the rest of his castmates, he has been hanging in there for now.

Steven Yeun - The Talking Dead
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“This is something that will hit me maybe a couple of months from now,” he said.

“Or maybe it’ll hit me next year. Maybe it’ll be when I’m 45 and all of a sudden I’m just crying in my kitchen and I can’t explain why.”

Steven Yeun was on a show that had gore, violence, and heavy drama. His next gig was much easier and lighter. According to a report via the Huffington Post, Yeun scored his next gig on Conan when he filled in for the late-night host and got the chance to show off his comedy chops. You can check it out for yourself in the video below. As you can tell, Yeun is a natural and totally could have his own talk show or scripted comedy.

Let us know your thoughts. Are you still upset over Glenn’s death? Are you a huge fan of Steven Yeun after his seven years of acting on The Walking Dead? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for AMC]