‘Street Fighter V’: Akuma Reveal Trailer Released During Red Bull Battle Grounds 2016 [Video]


The Red Bull Battle Grounds event has revealed the newest addition to the Street Fighter V roster.

We’ve seen additions like Alex, Urien, Juri, Balrog, Guile, and Ibuki enter the fray. Combined with the original cast, it’s done more than heat up fighting game tournaments between players. We’ve seen the likes of Daigo and Tokido master their respective characters, but a new force to be reckoned with has been revealed.

In a report by Red Bull, it’s revealed that Akuma will be joining the cast in Street Fighter V. This is major news, as many have been wondering when and if the “Raging Demon” would be making his way to the new game. Speculation has surrounded Akuma for months, but Capcom has teased his existence. While we haven’t seen him in action, there’s no denying that Akuma’s fist will be testing opponents new and old.

In the trailer, there are a few things that are quite noticeable. Perhaps the most recognizable image is Akuma’s kanji. Normally, we’ll see the kanji for the symbol “Heaven.” This symbol appears during specific moments when Akuma is acting. One can most often see this kanji when Akuma confirms his “Raging Demon” technique, a powerful ability in which Akuma lands multiple blows of lethal quality to his foes. The screen fades to black during this process, returning to normal with the red-haired demon standing over his victim. The symbol flashes for moments on his back before Akuma returns to normal.

However, the kanji in the trailer appears to be different. It shows the kanji for “god” depicted over the kanji for “man.” We usually see this when Akuma transforms into Shin Akuma. This is a more powerful variation of Akuma, more specifically when he loses control and the murderous intent of his heart takes over. This version is seen in Capcom Vs. SNK 2, a fighting game in which Shin Akuma is one of the most powerful bosses. Could this be a look into what Akuma will be capable of in the future? With this in mind, fans can board the hype train with Akuma approaching in Street Fighter V.

The reveal trailer for Akuma also reveals what looks to be a new stage in Street Fighter V. In a report by Game Informer, we see that there appears to be a broken down temple. If you follow the Street Fighter story, it looks as though it could be the very location where Akuma was originally taught. Lightning flashes and the flow of the setting suggest that there is a storm brewing, setting the tone for combatants who enter the ring.

Could Street Fighter V be introducing more iconic characters? Many talks have involved the addition of Oro, Sean, or even Necro. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single source that can confirm or deny their consideration.

There is no official release date for Akuma as of yet. However, Capcom revealed that he would be playable at the PlayStation Experience event on December 3 and December 4 in California.

While Street Fighter V continues to gain improvements by way of Capcom listening to fan feedback, the addition of Akuma will certainly bring back some of those who may have given up on the game due to its rocky start. If you’re an Akuma main, this would be the perfect time to prepare yourself for gameplay and explanation of all that the “Demon” can do. Only time will tell in regards to who else will join the roster. Popular characters like Sagat and Sakura are being discussed, but nothing concrete has stuck from Capcom on their appearance.

How do you feel about the addition of Akuma into Street Fighter V? Is his introduction enough to get you interested in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Capcom]

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