Apple iPhone 8 To Feature An Interesting New Wireless Charging Technology

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to include some major changes and one of those anticipated changes is the inclusion of a new wireless charging system.

Apple is reportedly working on a new wireless charging technology for the future iPads and iPhones and there is a chance that the technology will be available as early as 2017. There are rumors that the firm is working on a new method of wireless charging through which iPhones could charge even from a distance. While this sounds a lot like science fiction, modern day technology has proved that there is a very thin line between fiction and the realm of possibility.

“New evidence suggests that Apple is working to bring an exciting new feature to its iPhone lineup that could be the biggest smartphone game-changer the world has seen since the first iPhone was released nearly a decade ago in 2007,” highlighted a BGR report.

iPhone 8
[Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]

If the rumors about Apple’s new charging technology are true, the iPhone 8 will have the ability to charge even when in the user’s pocket or while at work. It will be quite a step up from the current wireless or induction charging where devices charge when placed on a charging mat. The technology to be used is not new and has been around for decades. Famous scientist Nicola Tesla made a demonstration of how such technology works more than one hundred years ago. Unfortunately, no company has incorporated this technology into handset charging and Apple wants to be the first to try it out. Such technology could revolutionize the industry and would most certainly be a game changer.


This does not necessarily mean that Apple is eliminating the tethered method of charging list like it did with the three mm earphone jack. The two methods will most likely complement each other. It is also not clear whether the wireless charging will be as fast as the USB charging. Either way, it will be quite an interesting feature for the iPhone 8.

Other than the wireless charging which is reportedly being tested, the iPhone 8 is also expected to feature a few major changes from its predecessor. The initial reveals about the device stated that the iPhone 8 will feature a complete overhaul of the iPhone meaning users will get to experience a new design. There have also been rumors that the iPhone 8 will be bezel-less and that it will feature an all-glass design. Rumors also suggest that the handset will also focus on virtual reality and augmented reality. It has also been confirmed that the device will be fitted with OLED screens.

Apple iPhone
[Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]

“With apparent confirmation that the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED screen, and that one of Apple’s suppliers is already testing wireless charging modules,” sources revealed.

The iPhone 8 might be the most anticipated device of 2018 due to the expected changes. Analysts have also projected that sales will peak once the handset is launched based on the expectation of a massive overhaul through the upcoming iPhone. Such a move has also proved highly successful with the recently launched MacBook Pro which whose sales figures for the first five days after launch were quite impressive.


The iPhone 8 is also expected to feature major upgrades since it will mark Apple’s 10th anniversary. Apple thus has a lot of pressure to deliver something that will “wow” the market. Also, Apple is facing a lot of competition from rival manufacturers such as Samsung as they step up their game to offer powerful and innovative handsets. If the company wants to attract impressive sales numbers, it must, therefore, deliver more innovation and power compared to what the rivals will offer.

Time is quickly flying by which means we are getting closer to seeing the actual device. However, it will most likely not be released until the autumn season next year. Other than that, more rumors and leaks about the Apple iPhone 8 are expected as the clock counts down.