‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: Houseguests Anticipate Live Double Eviction, America’s Nominee Polls, Danielle Continues To Express Hate For HOH Shelby

Drama and strategy have been seen on the Big Brother: Over the Top live feeds all weekend, as houseguests prepare for a double eviction on Wednesday night, Danielle Lickey passionately revealed how she cannot stand Shelby Stockton, and polls indicate which cast member viewers will likely choose to be the Week 6 America’s Nominee.

Although they can’t be 100 percent sure, houseguests believe there may be a double eviction taking place during the next live streamed episode on November 9. Their suspicions are correct, as two cast members will be sent packing on Wednesday night.

This means in one Big Brother: Over the Top episode, an eviction will occur, followed by a Head of Household (HOH) competition, then immediately after, viewers will vote to give the next America’s Care Package to one houseguest. The care package will be a Double Veto Eviction, according to CBS, thus, no Power of Veto (POV) challenge will be held. The care package recipient will hold a POV ceremony to determine if the power will be used, and then another eviction will take place.

Sunday night it was learned that Danielle and Whitney Hogg have been nominated for eviction, which was strategic in nature. Shelby is the HOH, however, Jason Roy won the co-HOH care package, thus, they have shared the duty, including nominations.

Danielle is part of Jason’s alliance and believes she can win Monday’s POV and take herself off the chopping block allowing Jason to replace her with someone outside their alliance.

Currently, viewers are voting for the next America’s Nominee, who will also take part in the November 7 POV challenge.

According to Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP), polls indicate that Alex Willett is the frontrunner to be placed on the chopping block by America. Nevertheless, RHAP live feed correspondent Brent Wolgamott begged viewers to nominate Kryssie Ridolfi, who many fans have found to be extremely annoying and grating on the nerves.

In other news, Jason, Danielle, and Kryssie sat in the Big Brother: Over the Top backyard as they often do and bashed other houseguests. Also quite often, Shelby was the topic of discussion, and on Sunday afternoon at around 1:17 BBOTT house time, Danielle’s ire was directed at Shelby once again, according to Joker’s Updates.

Joker’s Updates reports Danielle swore that if they were all outside the Big Brother: Over the Top house and in the “real world” she would “drag Shelby by her ugly a** f****** hair and make it uglier…” Danielle added, “I don’t f****** like her. I can’t stand her a**.”

Danielle then admitted she was simply ranting, however, Jason urged her to use her anger to win the POV Monday. Nevertheless, Danielle continued talking about Shelby, saying, “You said something about sunglasses and hat and s***… I was like that’s because we don’t give a f***.”

Danielle then proclaimed, “I will kill you,” but quickly retracted that statement by saying, “No I won’t really. I am not really going to kill her.” Danielle added, “I have a son to raise,” as Jason yelled out mimicking Danielle, “Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer,” regarding her prior statement.

Jason simply laughed at most of what Danielle said, but a lot of what she expressed may have been prompted by Jason in the first place. According to RHAP, Jason often leads Danielle to think that Shelby and her alliance are speaking ill of her when in reality, they may not have been.


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