‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Evidence Builds That Daryl Dixon Will Be Killed By Negan Before The Season Is Over

The Walking Dead could have a very unwelcome surprise for fans, with spoilers indicating that Daryl Dixon may not end up surviving his season-long feud with Negan.

This has already been a particularly gruesome season in a show known for killing off major characters. This year started with two major deaths right off the bat, and there appear to be growing signs that Daryl may join them before the season comes to a close.

[WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead are ahead.]

The death of Daryl Dixon has been a hot topic for speculation over the last few seasons of The Walking Dead. His penchant for getting into — and somehow escaping — dangerous situations has fans on edge season after season, and Norman Reedus himself has added to that speculation. Last season, there were reports that Reedus was working with AMC on his own reality show, which ended up being the motorcycle adventure show Ride With Norman Reedus.

The rumors about the reality show led many fans to believe that Daryl Dixon would end up being Negan’s victim in his initial confrontation with the crew, and that the show itself was a way for Reedus to slowly transition out of the show. That didn’t end up being the case, as fans learned in the heart-wrenching season opener this year, but the rumors that Daryl may die have dominated spoilers for The Walking Dead this season.

Daryl has been one of the most difficult characters to forecast on The Walking Dead. While fans of the comic book likely saw Glenn’s death coming — his gruesome beating at the hands of Negan and his barb-wire-covered baseball bat was almost identical to the comic book — there is simply no way to tell with Daryl, as his character was created for the television show and doesn’t actually exist in the comic.

That leaves fans and critics alike to look for other clues, and there are plenty pointing to his death. Many have come directly from Norman Reedus, who seems to be talking more and more lately about Daryl’s death.

In an interview with ComicBook, he reminded fans that no character is ever safe on the show.

“I think anybody could die on this show,” Reedus said.

“I think Rick could die. I think anybody could go on the show. I don’t think anyone is safe ever on the show. I think they’re really good at throwing you zingers out of nowhere.”

Reedus has also warned fans in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Daryl will go into a “very dark place” after blaming himself for Glenn’s death in the season premiere. He also spilled a potential Walking Dead spoiler, implying that Daryl may not be safe from Negan’s wrath this season.

“He completely takes the weight of that and just carries that with him. He never forgives himself and he takes full responsibility. Although the thing is, Daryl didn’t say ‘Oh if I do this, they’ll kill Glenn.’ Nobody knows what’s going to happen with that guy with the bat. Nobody knows anything.”

The show’s producers may also be dropping hints that Daryl Dixon will die at some point in the season. One of those was a leaked photo from The Walking Dead set that appeared to show Daryl being disemboweled.

If The Walking Dead Season spoilers come true and Daryl Dixon does get killed by Negan, it’s clear that it won’t happen until the very end of Season 7. MovieFone published a full list of which characters appear in which episodes and Daryl will be in it all the way until the final one — as will Negan.

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