Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: Cast Revealed, Filming Begins, Photo Released—Someone Is Missing

Filming for Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 has started, and they have released a photo of the cast as well as a major reveal. There has been speculation in regards to the cast of Stranger Things Season 2, mainly if the beloved Barb, as well as Eleven, would return. As many know, at one point it was questionable if Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) would be returning to the cast for Season 2; much to the relief of fans she will be, but what about Barb?

When Netflix released Stranger Things, it quickly became one of their most popular original series. The nostalgic story is a throwback to ’80s pop culture and the cast won over the hearts of millions. People have compared the show to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Stephen King’s Firestarter, The Goonies, Little Shop of Horrors, and many other classics. The ending of the first season seemed somewhat final with no major cliffhangers. So when Netflix announced that Stranger Things Season 2 would be released in 2017, fans were ecstatic!

stranger things Season 2 cast Netflix
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Some did take issue though with the first season and one of its beloved cast members. The character of Barbara, portrayed by Shannon Purser, was killed off by The Monster. But because the character of Will could be rescued from the Upside Down World, many wanted the same justice for Barb. But it seems that the many Netflix viewers who feel shorted by the death are going through the five stages of grief, currently stuck on the first two of denial and anger.

As The Huffington Post reported in September, when the creators of Stranger Things (the Duffer brothers) were asked if Barb was really dead, Matt Duffer answered the question with finality.

“I mean, yes ― yes, she’s dead. I thought we were pretty clear about that…There’s a slug hanging out of her mouth ― out of her dead corpse. And then if you were still confused, [Chief Jim] Hopper finds her in the nest, also very dead.”

Stranger Things Cast Season 2
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Even still, some fans never gave up hope. However, the official Stranger Things twitter account posted a very revealing picture of the cast and what we can expect from Season 2.

And the verified Stranger Writers account tweeted this in reply.

When asked if they were serious, they answered yes. One would think that they have to be ribbing the fans on some level, but at the very least, it shows that we can expect more from the Upside Down World in Stranger Things Season 2. The Duffer Brothers have also reported that Season 2 will be made in the tradition of sequels from the ’80s. So fans can expect more action, more fun, and plenty of surprises.

Looking at the photo, we can see that it’s only of the cast of children, and as many have accepted, no Barbara. But on Halloween, Netflix posted a humorous ’80s newsreel that reported the character as missing. So this may continue to somehow feed hope for those that are still in denial. It is possible that Netflix and the creators of Stranger Things are not showing a photo of the entire cast for a big reveal in Season 2, but this seems highly unlikely.

The tweet also shows the new additions to the cast. And although there are no adults at the table, it has been confirmed that Winona Ryder and David Harbour will be joining the cast of Season 2. The photo reveals the expected cast with two new additions: Dacre Montgomery and Sadie Sink. Sink will be portraying the tomboy character of Max, and Montgomery plays her older step-brother. Perhaps Max can help fill the hole in the heart of Barbara’s fans.

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[Image by Twitter @Stranger_Things]


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With the photo hinting to seeing more of the Upside Down World, and new members joining the cast, Stranger Things Season 2 is sure to continue to deliver ’80s-esque adventure.

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