Did Angelina Jolie Really Fear That Joint Custody With Brad Pitt Would Put Her Kids In Foster Care?

Angelina Jolie did not file for joint custody of her children because she feared they would end up with relatives or in foster care. At least that’s what the print edition of Life & Style wants you to believe. Gossip Cop summarizes their story.

“A so-called ‘source’ tells the tabloid when the Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services began investigating the incident aboard a private plane with Pitt, Jolie and their kids in mid-September, ‘Social workers told Angie if there was cause to believe the kids were in danger under the same roof as Brad, the kids could be placed with relatives or even in foster care.'”

Angelina Jolie Divorce
Is Angelina Jolie really fearful her kids will end up in a foster home? [Image by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]

In addition, Gossip Cop notes that Life & Style claims to have another alleged source who says Angelina is concerned about what the investigation might uncover about her. However, Gossip Cop summarizes that the story is completely fabricated.

“Angelina Jolie did not file for divorce and sole custody of her and Brad Pitt’s six kids because she feared her children would be placed with relatives or in foster care, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told it’s untrue,” says Gossip-busting expert Michael Lewittes, who adds that a source close to Jolie assures that she had no fears about her kids being placed in foster care or with relatives.

This follows another major rumor regarding Angelina and Brad. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Angelina Jolie is to blame for Brad Pitt allegedly not having any more close friends.

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt
Does Brad Pitt really blame Angelina Jolie for not having many friends? [Image by Ker Robertson/Getty Images]

“Brad Pitt is in desperate need of a friend, but unfortunately the actor has no one to reach out to these days because of his bitter ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. In fact, there’s speculation that Brad’s circle of friends have abandoned him simply because they couldn’t stand being around cold and distant Angelina.”

The article adds that Angelina Jolie is also the reason Pitt is no longer close with his extended family from Missouri because she simply couldn’t stand traveling to Missouri to visit her husband’s family. The commenters after the article are very hostile to Angelina.

“Bet the airhead can’t even boil water. She does know how to steal others husbands,” says “We Know the Truth.”

“I feel really bad for Brad. I believe she did ruin all his friendships as none of his friends liked her, especially George Clooney. Good luck Brad,” says Fran.

However, Gossip Cop has stepped in and declared that this story is completely fabricated.

“Brad Pitt has NOT been abandoned by his friends and family because of his marriage to Angelina Jolie, despite a bogus webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s false,” says columnist Andrew Shuster, adding that a source close to the situation says the claims are completely unfounded.

Brad Pitt, however, is fighting for joint custody of his kids, and this isn’t just a rumor when the BBC has a major report about it.

“Actor Brad Pitt is seeking joint custody of his six children in his split from Angelina Jolie, court filings show. The move comes after Ms. Jolie asked for full physical custody of all the children, who are aged eight to 15. Ms. Jolie cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ when she filed to end the marriage on 19 September.”

The article adds that reports suggest that Brad Pitt is being investigated over an incident with his eldest son Maddox on a plane. That event, according to most sources, is still being investigated. You can expect to hear a lot more about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the tabloids in the next couple months.

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