William Weld, Jake Tapper ‘State Of The Union’ Interview: Hillary Clinton Vs Gary Johnson

Libertarian vice-presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld appeared on CNN’s State of the Union earlier today where he spoke with host Jake Tapper about his split feelings about the 2016 presidential election.

The Weld-Tapper interview started with the CNN host asking about the many complimentary things the Libertarian has said about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in recent weeks, as well as his view that Republican nominee Donald Trump represents a “clear and present danger” to the United States.

Jake Tapper described the situation faced by the Libertarian party where it must attract at least 5 percent of the vote to remain on the ballot in future elections.

According to Real Clear Politics, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, currently has the backing of 4.8 percent of voters in national poll averages, down from close to 10 percent in early September.

Tapper stated that, at times, it “sounds” as though Bill Weld has a desire to endorse Hillary Clinton.

“Well, you’re correct Jake,” Weld replied. “I do want the Libertarian Party to get over 5 percent.”

The Libertarian explained that if Gary Johnson receives at least 5 percent of the vote, it will “permanently” give the party a place on future ballots. He described a “monopoly” existing, where the Democrats and Republicans rule and held up the exclusion of the Libertarians and the Green Party from televised presidential debates as evidence.

“I do think that Mr. Trump, with all deference, is totally unfit to be president of the United States,” the former governor continued.

Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters in Pembroke Pines, Florida, yesterday. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Bill Weld stated that he doesn’t believe that Donald Trump has the “temperament” or the ability to withstand the “constant pressure and criticism” faced by all presidents.

Weld rued the state of affairs that has led to “civil” comments about Gary Johnson’s Democratic opponent attracting “shrieks” from the candidate’s supporters and political observers.

“She’s not the enemy,” the vice-presidential candidate implored viewers. “She’s a perfectly reputable, professional, responsible candidate… and she deserves to be treated as such.”

Jake Tapper paused considering the “odd position” Bill Weld has found himself in. The CNN host presented that some critics may perceive Weld as hoping to “have it both ways,” encouraging Americans to vote for Gary Johnson, but at the same time understanding the reality that the Libertarian is not going to win and that Donald Trump still has a real shot at winning, and not wanting to bear any responsibility if Hillary Clinton loses by a narrow margin, perhaps less than the entire Libertarian vote, giving the appearance that third-parties were responsible for a Trump presidency.

Libertarian vice presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld in Salt Lake City, Utah, in August. [Image by George Frey/Getty Images]

“Am I being unfair?” Tapper asked the candidate.

Bill Weld stated that “tens of thousands” of Libertarians have put forth a considerable amount of effort to get him and his running-mate to the point in the presidential race where they now sit. He also expressed the view that Gary Johnson is more likely to attract voters who would otherwise vote for Donald Trump, rather than Democrats.

“Frankly I think Mrs. Clinton has been receiving a pretty raw deal from people trying to fan the flames,” Weld stated.

The vice-presidential candidate described FBI Director James Comey as a “real good guy,” but that he had “made a mistake” in the way he addressed U.S. Congress with regard to emails stored by Clinton-aide Huma Abedin on a computer used by her estranged husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner, to “sext” with a 15-year-old, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Weld described Comey as “jumping into the middle” of the presidential race and committing a “180 degree violation” of established protocols followed by the U.S. Justice Department.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Denver, Colorado, yesterday. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

“Well, governor, are you saying that the FBI director should step down? Or resign?” Jake Tapper asked.

“No, no. I’m not saying that,” Bill Weld answered.

The vice-presidential candidate turned to the level of anxiety being felt in the United States because of the “watershed” nature of the 2016 race.

“The stakes are so high, because the standing of the two major candidates is so disparate,” Weld said.

The Libertarian described the 2016 presidential election choice as being a “vote of conscience.”

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