‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Season 3 Reunion: Moniece Slaughter, Brandi Boyd And Masika Clash

In the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 3 reunion, Moniece Slaughter explains why it seems like the other women of the show are coming for her. Since Fizz has been a single parent in the first season, fans and cast mates have criticized Moniece Slaughter’s parenting skills.

Last season, Princess Love, Brandi, Shanda and Amber all attacked Moniece about her parenting skills, and it is still the source of their feud in Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 3.

In a video clip of the reunion show, Brandi Boyd calls Moniece a fraud and a liar for speaking about her family. Brandi also says that she does not regret speaking about Moniece’s parenting last season.

Who can blame her? A few months ago, many fans of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood thought that Moniece took it too far when a bonus clip revealed that she slandered Brandi’s son saying the following.

“Get back on your f***ing rope, swing back to whatever little nasty-a** jungle it is that you came from, and raise your little ugly f***ing family, including the baby. The baby’s f***ing ugly. B***h. And stay the f*** out of my business.”

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However, many fans also feel that Brandi had no right to attack Ms. Slaughter’s parenting skills without knowing all the facts.

During the reunion show, Nikki Mudarris states that Moniece plays the victim a lot and retweets negative rumors about her. Nikki then accuses Moniece of sliding into Safaree’s DM’s on Twitter. Moniece states that the direct message was work related and that she responded when he said that he was looking for someone to make music with.

Safaree seems to confirm that the direct message was about music and perhaps not a romantic move.

Masika Kalysha defends Moniece and accuses everyone of ganging up on her. Brandi Boyd then goes off on Masika and calls her messy.

Brandi needs to be restrained in what looks like an epic Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion show.

Love and Hip Hop fans went on Twitter and called out Brandi for spending the money Max gave her for their child earlier in the season. Although Brandi defending herself by stating that she was going to make a profit on her investment, she still spent her child’s savings and Max had to be convinced to forgive her.

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One of the biggest stories this season was the Moniece Slaughter sex tape. Although Jason Lee threatened to release it, the rapper with whom she made it with said that there is only one copy and he was not going to release it.

However, the rapper did not return or destroy the sex tape so there is a possibility that it may pop up in the future.

According to VH1, Moniece was willing to end her feud with Brandi last year if they both agreed not to speak about each other in an Instagram post that says the following.

“Don’t do it to yourself! I said I’d leave it be. I got mad respect for Max Lux…I said I’d fall back. But that fall back came with conditions. This is real life and I don’t want shit to get out of hand…your son loves you. So if he’s your priority like you say he is then speaking on me in ANY way on ANY forum should be the LAST thing on your mind. If you’d like to do the smarter thing like some of your friends have chosen to do, then I’m a dm away send those digits & we can talk about it like adults because I refuse to give you life on camera!”

Moniece and Brandi’s feud is still going strong. Who do you think is ultimately at fault?

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