Heather Dubrow Claims The Real Puppet Master On ‘RHOC’ Is Vicki Gunvalson

Season 11 of the Real Housewives of Orange County has featured some pretty nasty feuds. Although the season finale aired last week, there’s still plenty of drama to be had during the three-part reunion.

Newcomer Kelly Dodd has been at the center of a lot of the drama this season, but Reality Tea reports that Heather Dubrow thinks Vicki Gunvalson is the real puppet master. Has Gunvalson been behind all the drama in Season 11?

Writing in her official Bravo blog, Dubrow tagged Gunvalson, Dodd, and Meghan King Edmonds as being the show’s biggest s**t stirrers. She also teased that the reunion “will not disappoint” and kept her biggest insults for the “OG of the OC.”

Dubrow started her blog on a positive note and commented on the good nature of her friendship with Tamra Judge. Dubrow revealed that she and Judge are still close and that she is “proud of her for working so hard and crushing” the competition.

While Dubrow’s friendship with Shannon Beador is strong as well, the reality took a hard line when it came to Gunvalson and company. As fans will recall, Gunvalson allegedly spread rumors about several of the cast member’s husbands this year.

“It was sad seeing Vicki (through Kelly initially) trying to break down her newlywed status with hateful rumors,” Dubrow wrote before commenting about Edmonds.

“I thought we were close. I was proud of how we handled things after Glamis… I wish she had called me to discuss how she felt like I had done with her previously. I will be bringing this up at the reunion.”

Is Heather Dubrow Really The 'Puppet Master' Behind All The Drama On The 'RHOC' Season 11 Finale? [Featured Image by Bravo]
Heather Dubrow [Image by Bravo]

Dubrow quickly shifted gears and discussed her broken friendship with Dodd and the many lessons she learned from the show’s newest cast member.

“What can I say? Things didn’t end well between us. Watching back the bus trip was difficult. It was 3 AM and we had been drinking for quite some time,” she recalled.

“I didn’t even remember saying half that stuff. I thought I was defending my friends who were being attacked by Kelly throwing out accusations that she’d heard from Vicki. This is a good lesson which should be obvious – don’t talk/discuss/fight after having too many drinks.”

Dubrow admitted that she felt sorry for slamming Dodd’s child and apologized for her words. She was less apologetic when it came to Gunvalson, whom she believes is the real puppet master this season.

“After watching the season, I think that Vicki wanted revenge for what she perceived we had done to her last year with Brooks [Ayers]. I think she used Kelly and fed her information to hurt everyone. If there actually IS a ‘puppet master,’ her name is Vicki.”

Dubrow had a particularly rough time during the Ireland trip. In fact, the Inquisitr reports that she lost her cool when Dodd began to slam her friends. Fans were quick to take notice.

“Heather Dubrow also owes some apologies. You’re all grown women. Act like it. Stop gossiping & stirring the pot,” one fan wrote on social media.

Dubrow couldn’t agree more, adding, “Agree – watch the reunion and see who can apologize, and who doesn’t think they need to.”

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" stars Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson

Despite Dubrow’s promise of an apology, fans were still unhappy with the way she handled herself in Ireland.

“You can’t go around calling people trash,” another fan wrote. “And ENOUGH with the psychotic break line! Ugly is as ugly does!”

“Exactly! Heather is ignorant & tries to sound insightful because she’s married to that dorky doctor,” another added.

Considering everything has already unfolded this year, Bravo TV reports that the drama only gets worse during the reunion. Will the ladies work out their differences or will their beef remain unresolved when the cameras stop rolling?

“As always, the reunion is pretty brutal,” Dubrow teased.

“But I think what’s interesting about this reunion is it’s interesting to see who can apologize and own their stuff and make amends, and who thinks that they’re empirically right and feel that they don’t owe anyone anything.”

While fans will have to wait until Monday night to watch the drama heat up, Terry Dubrow dished that the reunion is “going to be incredibly powerful.”


“It sounds like there are certain things that are said that one can never recover from… It sounds to me like there are three things that were involved: rage, regret, and sorrow,” he shared.

“This reunion, from what I understand, it is going to be incredibly powerful.”

According to E! News, Gunvalson provides some evidence to back up her claims during the reunion. This includes proof that Beador’s husband, David, is physically abusive. If that is the case, then fans are certainly in for a drama-filled affair.

The Season 11 reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County starts Monday night on Bravo.

Tell us! Who do you think is the puppet master on RHOC — Heather Dubrow or Vicki Gunvalson? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview of the insane reunion below.

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