Dana Brooke To Take Bayley’s Spot In ‘WrestleMania’ Push Against Charlotte?

Dana Brooke has had difficulty getting over with WWE’s so-called “smart marks,” a smaller, but opinionated group of the company’s fans that criticize the fitness competitor’s work rate regularly online.

However, many insiders with the company have observed that Vince McMahon is pleased with her work, and that a major push could be on the horizon.

While this seemingly defies conventional fan wisdom that Bayley is next in line behind Sasha Banks, it is not outside the realm of possibility.

McMahon has a widely known preference for muscled and athletic superstars. Bayley’s smaller frame lends itself to more of an underdog role.

The problem with pushing Dana Brooke, at this point, is her in-ring work isn’t quite where it needs to be while Bayley’s is. On the same note, Brooke has been able to generate heel heat on the mic, making a Dana Brooke face run harder to fathom.

But there are new murmurs behind the scenes that WWE may be on the verge of cracking the code, and Bayley could be an integral part of that.

The current storyline is that Bayley is being antagonized by Women’s Champion Charlotte, who according to Cageside Seats, is on the verge of a major unbeaten push to WrestleMania.

With Bayley being in the mix now, the likelihood of her prevailing on any program with Charlotte is low, and considering there is ample time between now and next April, it appears Bayley may be used more as a setup to generate nuclear heat on Charlotte so that the next competitor who steps up can go over in a big way at WrestleMania 33.

That someone — and this is unsubstantiated at this point, as it was shared in the CS article linked above from a commenter claiming to be a company insider (since removed) — is Dana Brooke.

By having her intervene on Bayley’s behalf at the end of a losing program, the logic is that Dana Brooke will save the day, win over fans, and start her own run that culminates in a victory over Charlotte at the company’s biggest show.

The rumor may seem crazy but when coupled with the fact Dana Brooke has McMahon’s preferred look and her history with Charlotte — a conflicted Brooke was tested out using heel Charlotte when she first came to Raw — it would not be a huge leap.

Of course, Dana will have to reach a point where she can do a 20-minute match with limited spot-fails before she’s ready, and some fans have been vocal about her lack of in-ring development.

But that, too, is where Bayley could prove an asset.

Bayley has shown interest in working with WWE behind the scenes through coaching of other girls and learning production, fully aware her in-ring competition days are limited.

While she’s still a long way from retirement, barring any injuries, stepping up to help with Dana Brooke’s development would go a long way in proving herself an asset to the company long-term.

She has already worked, and prevailed, in a program with Dana Brooke.

By giving Dana a low profile, having her come back to save Bayley from the current Women’s Champion, and then working alongside her in a tag program against Charlotte and Nia Jax, the company could have the formula to develop Brooke into its next big talent.

Of course, in the meantime, Dana Brooke will have to fight off negative press claiming that she may be using a relationship with someone in creative to get a bigger role with the company. But if she can tune out the distractions and develop her in-ring work, anything is possible.

But what do you think, readers? Is a face Dana Brooke just what the Raw women’s division needs, or would you stop watching?

[Featured Image by WWE]