November 4, 2016
'Vanderpump Rules': Scheana's Marriage Hits The Skids As Husband Cleans Out Her Bank Account

Vanderpump Rules Scheana Marie and husband Michael Shay have hit a big rough patch, as Michael Shay has reportedly cleaned out the couple's bank accounts and disappeared. As fans of the show know, Michael Shay has had problems with drug addiction but claims he has been clean since January, though he still "drinks socially." Scheana claims she has no idea where he is and hasn't heard from him in days.

But Mike Shay isn't the only one who has had a public battle with substance abuse on Vanderpump Rules, as over the summer, James Kennedy got thrown off a flight after showing up at the airport drunk, says the Inquisitr. Kennedy had been put on probation and then fired by Lisa Vanderpump for drinking on the job and fighting while drunk. When Kennedy was detained at the airport, he was flying back from a DJ gig in Las Vegas with another Vanderpump Rules alum, Lala Kent.

TMZ broke the news that Scheana Marie and Mike Shay might be heading to splitsville, as she's told friends that Mike disappeared with all of their money. Scheana mentioned that she was concerned when Michael Shay did not come home and couldn't reach him, so she canceled all of his credit cards out of fear that he had gone back to using drugs.


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But it seems that Scheana wasn't fast enough because Michael Shay had hit the bank to clean out their joint accounts. As of this posting, Michael Shay is still MIA, and it allegedly has Scheana examining the state of their marriage.

Michael Shay's issues with drug use and alcohol blew up on Vanderpump Rules, where many fans watching were shocked at how Scheana downplayed her husband's drug addiction and depression. Neither seemed to be seeking professional help, and she only asked him to "cut down" on his drinking. Radar Online said Scheana confessed that he husband had been in a funk, mixing pills with booze. Scheana said by the time it was on the show, Michael Shay's addiction problems had already been dealt with.
"That [Shay's drug problem] was already dealt with last year and done and moved on past."
Scheana says she had been concerned and confronted Shay.
"He was kind of in a funk and I was worried he would go back to some of his old ways," she explained. "I had said something to Ariana because she already knew what we had went through last year — then it became this kind of whole thing where that was the center focus around him and it was never my intention."
Scheana says that having the issues made public made everything harder, and worse, but especially the backlash from fans and experts about not seeking educated help.

Reality Tea says that Michael Shay and Scheana opened up about the experience to Andy Cohen. Michael Shay explained that on Vanderpump Rules, he ran off to hide out at his parents' house because it was his safe zone.

"My parents' house is my safe zone. I'm a shy person. I'm kind of closed off. I'm not very open. At home I'm just me all the time. Sometimes you just need to get away. The city where we live is pretty tough sometimes and that's where I like to go."
While he was away, Scheana told the rest of the cast about Mike's drug problems, which put both of them on the spot. An already fragile relationship was now under a microscope. But the fan backlash came when Scheana said she bought home drug tests, and told her husband what he could and couldn't do. Pot was fine and a few drinks were okay, but that was it. As people familiar with drug and alcohol abuse know, there is no such thing as a little bit with an addict.

Do you think Michael Shay is using drugs again?

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