Dave Chappelle To Host ‘SNL,’ Stand-Up Comedian Preps New Donald Trump Joke In Secret

Long-time comedian Dave Chappelle will host Saturday Night Live for the first time, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Earlier, Chappelle was trying out Donald Trump material when he made an appearance at the Cutting Room and Gramercy Theater, where his fans were not allowed to record anything from his stand-up show, according to Page Six. He also slammed his former employer, Comedy Central.


Spies Got The Scoop

There likely won’t be any leaked footage because audience members had their devices “stored in soundproof cases” until the conclusion of Dave’s stand-up routine, according to spies.

The comedic Trump material entailed the hot-mic incident on an Access Hollywood tape. The incident happened in 2005, where Donald made sexist remarks about women while his microphone was still on and recording. Dave Chappelle’s routine was said to involve his stay at the Trump Soho and a similar satirical interaction with a staff maid, according to a spy.

“He said he was staying at the Trump Soho and grabbed one of the maids by the ‘p**sy’ and told her, ‘It’s OK! Your boss said it’s all right.”

Is it a coincidence that he’s keeping these Donald Trump and other jokes secret within weeks before hosing SNL?

The ambiguous Dave is an epic funny actor and talented comedian. Fans were delighted to watch his show at the Gramercy Theater on Wednesday. Chappelle then later performed for the Cutting Room audience on Friday at 1 a.m. with a two-hour set.

Dave Chappelle performed for four nights at the Cutting Room, and a representative said, “He’s working on new material.”

In August, it was reported that Dave will be making his appearances at the Gramercy Theater for those who missed his stand-up comedy in 2014 at the Radio City Music Hall.

There was another part of his Cutting Room act where he slammed former employer Comedy Central. In 2005, he walked away from The Dave Chappelle Show.

“He was saying he’d never go back to the network again and thanked everyone for supporting him.”

Chappelle’s Love Of Stand-Up

The comedian has had a history with the network, “citing the pressures of Hollywood and misdirection with the show as reasons for his departure,” according to the Inquisitr. Although it’s not clear whether or not he’ll be back on the small screen, it seems his stand-up performances are more prominent these days.

A 2006 interview with Chappelle on Inside the Actor’s Studio revealed his feelings regarding what suits him best when delivering his dose of comedy to the audiences. It looks like stand-up is something he most desires when making people laugh and having a certain perception when looking out from the stage and seeing those smiling faces. There’s just a certain positive feeling that Dave gets, according to Vulture.

Will Dave Spoof Donald Trump On Live TV?

For over 40 years, Saturday Night Live has poked fun at every well-known celebrity and politician. Donald Trump was the recent butt of the NBC sketch comedy’s jokes over the past couple of weeks, but Trump went on the defensive when he took to Twitter to slam Alec Baldwin’s performance on the show. He also explained how Saturday Night Live should just retire itself from TV altogether.

“Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!”

Do you think Dave Chappelle will follow suit and make fun of the presidential candidate?


From the Twitter post, does Trump seems to imply SNL has jumped on board the election rigging? He felt the lines used in the sketch was something he simply did not like. The bit involved making fun of both Donald and Hillary Clinton. Although mimicry is typically a form a flattery, this wasn’t the case for both Alec Baldwin’s Republican candidate character and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary role. SNL cast member Cecily Strong played reporter Martha Raddatz.

If Dave Chappelle follows through with his Donald Trump joke(s), how well do you think it will go over on live television? He may have to filter himself after all. Will he reprise a character from his old show or be involved in the creative process?

Feel free to enjoy Dave as he debuts as host on SNL come November 12.

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