David Bowie Bandmate Exposes Late Singer In Tell-All: Drugs, Sex, And Gay Secrets

David Bowie’s bandmate exposed the late rock star in an all new tell-all book titled Spider From Mars: My Life With David Bowie. The bandmate, Woody Woodmansey, details the late musician’s epic meltdowns, naked parties, drag alter ego, nasty cocaine habit, and wild sex life.


It seems that there was a lot the public did not know about rock star David Bowie. Radar Online reported that the deceased singer’s longtime Spiders of Mars bandmate Woody Woodmansey tells all in an upcoming memoir called Spider From Mars: My Life With David Bowie.

The singer seemed to have had an entirely separate, hidden life outside of the spotlight.

Woody described meeting David Bowie and his first wife Angie in the early 1970s.

david bowie bandmate eposes late singers dark secrets
9th July 1973: Pop singer David Bowie is seen off at the station by his wife Angie. (Photo by Smith/Express/Getty Images)

“Hi, I’m Angie Bowie. I’m David’s wife, and I’m a lesbian.”

Apparently, David Bowie was so low on cash after releasing Space Oddity that the band hardly had enough money for food.

“We’d eat toast and whatever else we could scrape together.

He also mentioned that Bowie’s wife Angie managed to burn any of the food that they were able to buy.

“She was a s*** cook.”

David Bowie was also said to have possibly had an identity crisis. The confused musician would often “adopt” accents from around the world. The late singer’s bandmate recalls thinking that it was quite strange.

“Sometimes he used to talk to us in a Yorkshire accent…He would speak in an Australian accent if an Australian was there.”

Woody mentioned that his first wife Angie was definitely in control of her husband.

“She pushed him in different directions that she thought he should go, and he obviously valued her opinions.”

Sadly, David Bowie’s brother, Terry Burns, suffered from schizophrenia. He tragically committed suicide in 1985.

Woody recalled Bowie looking ill and thin dating all the way back to 1971.

“I could see all the blood vessels in his face, because he had gone so pale

“He wasn’t a fit, healthy person back then, because he hardly ever ate.”

David Bowie allegedly threw upset fits “like a child” when a bandmate messed up during a rehearsal. He had a very difficult time controlling his emotions.

Despite rumors of crazy orgies at David and Angie Bowie’s U.K. mansion Haddon Hall, the home was relatively wholesome. Woody wrote about one time that he remembered about a “half a dozen” naked models running around the house, but said that they were Angie’s guests.

“Put your hard-ons away, boys, they’re all lesbians.”

It was in 1972 that David Bowie admitted that he was gay, but Woody thinks that it was all a publicity stunt.

“We’d got used to him doing things to get attention so we thought this was just another example.

“I must admit we never asked him outright as we’d never witnessed anything that made us think he was.”

Of course, as a rock and roll band on the road, Bowie and the rest of his Spiders From Mars band members definitely took part in some X-rated activities. Bowie and Angie were said to have had an open relationship.

Woody recalled Bowie using his Ziggy Stardust character as an escape.

“I started to notice that now he seemed to be Ziggy most of the time and I tried to figure out why his attitude and demeanor had changed so drastically.

“Of course, Bowie’s real problem at the time was drugs.”

Somehow, Bowie kept his drug problem a secret from the rest of the band, even hiring a coke dealer onto the crew.

“A new guy had joined the crew at the beginning of the tour…when I asked what his job was, I was told he was the coke dealer.

“I was surprised as I’d never seen anybody do coke all the time I was in the band.”

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