‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Gameplay Trailer Review: First 15 Minutes Revealed — Has Anything Changed?

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare gameplay trailer has arrived before its release date tomorrow, but one question remains on many gamers’ minds: Is it the same thing all over again, or will it be a breath of fresh air in a world already packed with first-person shooters?

Arguably, there is a reason the CoD franchise is what everything else is considered a clone of. It’s because Activision’s flagship series is usually the best quality you’ll find among FPS titles, aside from Halo or Destiny. Only once before has Call of Duty been accused of ripping off movies and other games, and that was mostly due to so many concepts allegedly being borrowed from them.

Advanced Warfare took the characters’ outfits from Matt Damon’s Elysium and gravity mechanics from Titanfall while appearing to use weapons from the Halo series.

Once again, Activision appears to be taking a different route with its flagship shooter and leaving the traditional battlefield. From the very start of the first gameplay footage revealed, you see a spacecraft making its way among the stars. This could mean a possible gravity alteration so jumps are lengthier and more “floaty,” with weapons using less physical ammunition in favor of lasers.

At least that is what space combat usually is.

The intro footage shows a trio of spacecraft making its way past what appears to be a colonized Mars, which looks connected to a space station by a kind of railway system. Beyond this, we see a larger spacecraft that appears to be the equivalent of the star destroyers from Star Wars.

As the protagonist’s spacecraft approaches the first combat site, we see the men dressed in what appears to be space suits with armor and helmets that close. This indicates that oxygen levels might be a factor in the game, much like most space combat titles such as Dead Space.

Also, notice that the second in command of the first mission appears to be a white male. This could draw some backlash from activists, who might demand more representation by other ethnicities and women. This happened with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which drew protests over the lack of female heroes.

The physics appear to be the same average Earth type, as after a planetary drop slowed only by rocket boosters in the boots, there doesn’t seem to be any “floating” in the run animation.

One distinct difference appears to be the atmosphere. The planet used in the first mission is mostly ice and probably very solid at that. Only a hard impact seems to crack it. You enter a cave under the surface, which has a fire burning inside, indicating it might not actually be ice.

The initial kill uses a stealth mechanic as you land on a target and proceed to stab him to death.

The guns appear to be the same thing they’ve always been, standard assault rifles with aiming sights instead of scopes. It may be possible that scopes will be added later. One thing CoD is famous for is still prevalent here, and that’s AI bots, which aren’t total idiots like they tended to be in shooters in the past.

We soon see some more futuristic weaponry, like what appears to be a mechanical spider with an explosive attached, a weapon that caught Venture Beat’s attention. There is also a gravity bomb that lifts a group of targets into the air and keeps them there while you pick them off.

The cover system in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare appears to be fluid, and it isn’t clear if it “snaps” you into place as you use it like some other titles.

Generally, this is the same Call of Duty you’ve been playing for years, with a few futuristic and atmospheric differences. This may turn off gamers who want something actually different. However, it looks fun and could be even better in multiplayer, and the single-player campaign appears to offer its share of thrills for veterans of the series.

[Featured Image by Activision]