‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.4 Update: Review Of Tips For Cheaper World Tier Weapons, Mods, And Crafting Items — Alpha Bridge Gear Set Build For Great Gameplay

Here is the latest Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.4 game review update for efficient and cheaper gameplay. The following strategies grant players access to weapons and other gear mods if they’re limited in credits/money. The best way to do this is to farm the world tiers efficiently. There’s also an advantage to dropping down in world tiers when purchasing these items, according to YouTuber Arekkz.


With the new 1.4 update came a ton of options to build your character optimally, but you may consider your priorities when spending your money. First, you should focus on weapons and gear and, secondly, gear mods.

Buy Cheap Weapon And Gear Mods

Then it comes to world tiers in The Division, if you go to a Special Weapons vendor in a higher world tier to purchase a “prototype performance mod” for instance, you’ll notice a triple-digit Phoenix credits price for that mod from the vendor. Yes, it is a level 33 item with its own attribute numbers.

However, if you drop down to world tier one, the same mod will be an “advanced weapons mod,” level 30, but the price is a whole lot cheaper with the same attribute numbers for your build. Basically, you would be throwing away your Phoenix credits when purchasing the same exact thing in a higher tier.

In The Division, there are weapon mods that have stats that get lower when you drop down tiers, however, those stats aren’t entirely significant. If you’re building your character from the ground up or have enough credits burning a hole in your pocket, the higher world tier mod would be something to go for.

For instance, a T2 Micro red dot sight at the world tier four vendor has a 5.5 percent head shot damage, with a 2.5 percent critical hit chance and 4 percent critical hit damage. In world tier one, the same weapon mod has all the same stats with the exception of the 5 percent on the head shot damage.

As you can see, it’s not worth spending on if your credits are limited, so it’s best to hold off until your swimming in money.

On The Fly Crafting Materials

Tom Clancy’s The Division locations such as the open world, Dark Zone, and the Underground have their own crafting materials scattered about their regions, but what if you need those items on the spot for the purpose of mission completion? You may not have time to farm materials, so this would be a more efficient option of accomplishing this.

You can go ahead and purchase cheap weapons and dismantle them, of course, but do not do it at vendors in world tier four. Again, go down to tier one, make your purchase of the same weapon, dismantle it, and it will yield the same amount of materials.

Low Gear Score Weapons For Same Talents

The Alpha Bridge build is a fan favorite in The Division for satisfying gameplay. For those who already have this gear build established, there’s a focus on having two weapons under the same category with differing talents.

Since the Alpha Bridge build is geared towards this, focusing on a 163 weapon as one in your possession would be to your advantage over having two 229 weapons. That’s because the score to achieve those same talents are much higher on the 229 weapons. Of course, the lower scored weapons are cheaper to purchase.

For example, a Tactical Vector 45 ACP weapon with the Adept, Fierce, and Brutal talents work well with a dual SMG Alpha Bridge gear set. Best bet is to run a lower tier version, according to a tip given by VG 24/7.


That said, this would make it much easier for you to reach all six of your desired talents across both primary and secondary weapons per your Alpha Bridge feature.

There’s still more to learn about in the Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.4 update, but the review of these tips should be good for those players starting from the ground up for efficient gameplay.

Do you have an idea of what kind of builds outside of Alpha Bridge where these tips might work?

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