Behati Prinsloo Hides Baby And Adam Levine, But Parties Harder Than Candice Swanepoel, Fills Instagram With Halloween, Not Marriage

Behati Prinsloo is using her post-baby body to bring her back into the spotlight! Most celebrity moms would instead use the cuteness of their newborn to attract attention, but it looks like Victoria’s Secret angel is ready to bounce back into the scene by declaring her return as a supermodel. Let’s hope that her husband Adam Levine is doing his share of baby caretaking to support Behati as she transitions back into the fashion world!

The 27-year-old Namibian model took this Halloween as an opportunity to fully showcase her post-baby delivery body. Most of her fans noted weight gain during her pregnancy. It looks like the model used her month with the baby well to shed as much weight as possible.

Check out her slim figured on Instagram!

She has noted before on Instagram that she felt a little cooped up from just taking care of her baby.

“After 3 weeks of breastfeeding every 3 hours, no sleep and nursing my nipples back to life lol, I left the house to see my girls for dinner,” she wrote. “Life is so beautiful, can’t believe how lucky i got.”

It is rather surprising to see Behati party this hard right after having her first baby girl. Her Victoria’s Secret friend, Candice Swanepoel, who also just gave birth to her baby boy, has not been hitting the partying circuits yet, choosing to fill her Instagram with pictures with her child.

Candice’s latest picture with the baby is with matching shoes, which definitely plays up the cute factor and less of the post-baby body news.

The press took to Candice’s baby as much as they did for Behati’s, despite the fact that the South African model is not married to an American celebrity.

“The first peek at Candice Swanepoel’s newborn son, Anacã, was just like mom—impressive,” reports E! Online. “And nothing has changed in the 5 days since he was born. ‘My little man,’ Swanepoel’s fiancé, Hermann Nicoli, captioned a photo of their baby boy Monday, complete with a heart emoji.”

While Candice Swanepoel has uploaded multiple pictures of her baby on Instagram, Behati has limited to just one, right around when she was born. Her baby is seen resting on Adam Levine’s chest, looking sweet as ever.

Despite this lovey-dovey picture, there are still rumors circulating that Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s marriage is on the rocks. Along with the news that they finally sold their New York loft, they have been rumored to still have unresolved issues.

“Maroon 5 singer and ‘The Voice’ star Adam Levine and his model wife of two years, Behati Prinsloo, have sold their sprawling Soho loft to shoe designer Nick Lucio for around $5.4 million, just under the $5.5 million asking price,” reports the New York Post.

“The couple, according to downmarket gossip rags, reportedly are facing marriage troubles shortly after the birth of their daughter, Dusty Rose,” the report continued.

Let’s hope that the couple did not have a baby just to fix their marriage.

Adam Levine has not caused any trouble in public yet involving his marriage. The only thing that he has let out is that Ellen DeGeneres “basically” named his first daughter.

“I think I have a great name and I texted Ellen. She’s like, ‘I hate it. I think it’s a terrible name.’ I was like, ‘Cool.’ She gave me, like, five names to think about, like, this, this, this, this, Dusty,” he said according to UPI. “So, you basically named my kid.”

The talk show host also gave her side of the story.

“It’s a beautiful color,” Ellen added. “That’s how I thought of it. I had already thought of Dusty, and then someone said ‘Dusty Rose.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s her name.’ So I texted you Dusty Rose.”

Do you think Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo jumping back into the press so soon after their daughter’s birth will harm their marriage? Let us know in the comments below!

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