Will Ferrell Quits ‘Captain Dad,’ Calls The U.S. Election A ‘Sh*t-Storm,’ ‘National Joke’

Will Ferrell, the world-famous American actor, comedian, and writer, has reportedly dropped out of a film project in which he was scheduled to play a father figure role. According to Deadline, Will Ferrell will not be featuring in Captain Dad, an upcoming comedy about a family whose Caribbean vacation goes horribly wrong.

However, in real life, Will Ferrell is an influential figure, urging Americans to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. More specifically, Ferrell is urging fellow Floridians to vote on November 8. The actor’s public appeal came as a part of a PSA on the Funny or Die comedy video website. According to The Wrap, Will Ferrell is urging Floridians to go with their instincts and vote for the presidential candidate they believe will be the best leader.

“We’ve got a real sh*t-storm out there. I’m never gonna tell you who to vote for — that’s a personal decision. You know in your heart of hearts, whoever you vote for, that’s the right one.”

Will Ferrell is enticing Floridians to vote by offering them a ride to the polling booths, and he’s quite serious. Further, he’s trying to coax unenthusiastic citizens to participate in voting by using his ID and his dress slacks if necessary.

The concerned actor has been very clear about the key role he believes Florida will play in deciding who becomes the next U.S. President. Florida is typically known for its alligator wrestling, neon apparel, and beautiful beaches; however, it became America’s national embarrassment when the 2000 Presidential Election’s counting process went haywire due to incorrect counting in Florida. Eventually, election officers in Florida were forced to recount the votes to come up with an accurate result.

Will Ferrell is urging Floridians to bury the past and look forward to the upcoming election because Florida is considered one of the leading “swing states.” This means that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be desperately looking to Florida to give them a win. According to the Huffington Post, Will Ferrell believes that the people of Florida hold the power to influence the results of the election.

“We’re like a national joke until we control the election.”

Will Ferrell appears to be the right person to motivate hard-working Floridians, who are known to be extremely proud of the auto-racing culture established by NASCAR, the Florida-based company that governs auto-racing events. Will Ferrell popularized the NASCAR auto-racing culture by playing the role of Ricky Booby, an auto-racing driver in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Ferrell’s Talladega Nights won critical acclaim, even though it parodied NASCAR’s racing culture.

Will Ferrell became famous when he featured in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the 2014 comedy movie in which he played the role of Ron Burgundy, a San Diego television news anchor with the bad habit of blindly reading content that flashed on the teleprompter. The most hilarious moment of the film comes during a scene when Ron Burgundy blurts out “Go F*** Yourself San Diego” while reading content that’s been incorrectly programmed on the teleprompter.

This is not the first time Will Ferrell has participated in a campaign to increase voter turnout. In 2012, he featured in a bigger campaign, urging Americans to come out and vote for Barack Obama. In the earlier campaign, the comedian promised he would eat anything for those voters who came out and voted for Obama and expressed his commitment to get people to vote by showing his willingness to do odd jobs for them.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Short/AP Images]