Beyonce Slammed Over CMA Awards Performance With The Dixie Chicks, Called N-Word And A ‘Skank’

Beyonce made a surprise appearance at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night, and she wasn’t just there to take in the show. She and the Dixie Chicks took the stage together, and they tried to use their powerful voices to unite two groups of music fans from completely different worlds.

The group of women teamed up to perform Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons,” a folksy tune that wouldn’t sound out of place on country radio. However, some CMA Awards viewers refused to accept the “Formation” singer’s olive branch to the many country music fans who don’t agree with her political views. Critics of Beyonce’s performance took to Twitter to voice their anger, and things took an ugly turn when some viewers started calling her racial slurs.

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As RawStory reports, many of the country music fans who were upset about Beyonce’s presence on the CMAs stage accused her of being racist against white people, likely because she’s a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. According to HipHopWired, “pro-cop” politicians including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani got the hashtag “#BoycottBeyonce” trending on Twitter earlier this year in response to the singer’s Super Bowl halftime performance of “Formation,” an anthem about feminism, injustice, and police brutality. The performance was seen as a tribute to the BLM movement.

The Beyonce boycott obviously failed, but the singer’s haters are still complaining about her attempt to force America to have a tough conversation about police brutality and other serious issues that affect the black community.

“Shameful the #CMAawards50 allows a cop hating, Anti-American Racist on their stage! When did country music lose its way?#SellOuts #Beyonce,” @AmyMek tweeted after seeing Beyonce’s CMAs performance.

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Some Twitter users included the Dixie Chicks in their angry rants. The country group has their own experience with causing outrage by sharing their political views, as reported by Rolling Stone. In 2003, Natalie Maines said that she was “ashamed” of then-President George W. Bush because of his decision to go to war in Iraq. Twitter didn’t yet exist, so furious Dixie Chicks fans expressed their anger by destroying the band’s CDs and boycotting their shows.

“It figures that Cop-hating #racist would perform with the #DixieChicks! #Beyonce sucks! No place on the #CMAawards50 3antiAmericans,” @MarcyBarnhart tweeted.

“Worst moment of the CMA’s was pro cop killer Beyonce & the Dixie Trash! #PoliceLivesMatter,” @PamelaRatt1 wrote.

Other CMA Awards viewers just decided to start calling Beyonce names, including the n-word.

“@CountryMusic get that f****** racist n****r b**** @Beyonce OFF the CMA’s. #n***er #hateswhitepeople #boycottCMA,” @HeIsCountry wrote in tweet that was later deleted.

“I’m at a loss for words over the @CountryMusic awards right now. I just turned it off for having a racist cop hating sk*** like Beyoncé on,” @BrentAllenPhoto tweeted.

For the record, Beyonce told ELLE that she’s is definitely not anti-police and that she has “so much admiration and respect” for the men and women in blue. The singer is taking a stand against police brutality, not police in general.

Even though some of Beyonce’s critics make a lot of noise and get a lot of attention for making cruel comments about her, the Wrap reports that she and the Dixie Chicks got more love than hate after they wowed the CMAs crowd with their unexpected “Daddy Lessons” duet.

“I love country. And I love Beyoncé. Combine the two, and I’m in heaven. #CMAawards50 #nailedit,” @AlexWehrley tweeted.

Some country music fans may never warm up to Beyonce, but the industry has definitely embraced the R&B singer. In April, the CMT website published an article explaining why “Daddy Lessons” should be considered a country song, and “Black” singer Dierks Bentley agrees that it deserves to be categorized as such.

“There is just something intangible about it that it feels like a country song,” he told Billboard.

Bentley also praised Beyonce for taking a page from country music artists by telling a “real story” about her life.

One of Sasha Fierce’s fiercest defenders in the country music industry is The Voice coach Blake Shelton. During a May interview with Entertainment Tonight tonight, he had some strong words for critics of Beyonce’s decision to go country.

“People that criticize can kiss my a**. That’s what I say,” Blake said.

Blake Shelton has already done an unexpected duet with one woman from a different musical world, his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, so who knows? Maybe he’ll be the next country musician to perform alongside Beyonce. Shelton even has a song in his discography that perfect for Queen Bey — how could her Beyhive not fall in love with “Honey Bee?”

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