‘Orange Is The New Black’ And ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Actor Matt McGorry Joins DAPL Protesters At Standing Rock, Shares Shocking Photos And Videos of Escalating Scene

Actor Matt McGorry has joined the peaceful protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota to help bring awareness to the increasingly volatile events unfolding at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

McGorry, who plays Asher on How to Get Away With Murder and Bennett on Orange Is the New Black, has been posting many photo and video updates to his Facebook and Twitter pages since Tuesday.

The photos show shocking images of the latest treatment of the Standing Rock protesters by police.

“When Natives protect our land, our water, and their people. This is what happens (the least of it),” he wrote on Twitter alongside one short video of a young female protester gagging and coughing as helpers rinsed her face with water after she had been maced.

Many protesters took to the frigid November water on Wednesday in an attempt to hold a prayer ceremony on the other bank, which is at the base of a hill where some Standing Rock Sioux members are buried. Police responded by using large tanks of pepper spray on the unarmed men and women, many of whom had their hands in the air.

The protesters chanted “Shame on you!” to the police as they maced the peaceful protesters.

McGorry has been posting regularly in the two days that he has been at Standing Rock, often sharing videos from many sources. He posted one interview to his Twitter page on Wednesday that discussed “police brutality” that occurred during the day.

McGorry also posted a 24-minute live video by Floris Ptesaŋ Huŋka to his Facebook page on Wednesday, writing “Can’t believe I witnessed this insanity today.”


He also shared a video of himself with friends and journalists in what appears to be a local motel room, discussing the day’s actions and the “unbelievable” treatment of “100% peaceful protesters.”


Matt posted a picture of himself in an “I Stand With Standing Rock” T-shirt designed by actress Shailene Woodley to his Facebook page on Tuesday, posting that all profits would go to support the DAPL protest.


Matt also shared stark black and white images from an album by Facebook page Indigenous Rising Media.

Couldn’t believe I witnessed this today. Please look through these photos and share. #NoDAPL


The photos show incredible, striking images of what protesters are undergoing right now.

One shows a protester getting his face rinsed with milk by a volunteer medic after being maced. Another is captioned, “Police use pepper spray to intimidate water protectors holding ceremony near the Cannon Ball river.”

Yet another shows a line of heavily armored police officers pointing guns filled with rubber bullets at praying protesters in the water, while others show peaceful prayer ceremonies and protesters comforting each other.

TYT Politics posted a video of the latest violent treatment of protesters at Standing Rock, and also featured McGorry and one of his costars from last season’s How to Get Away With Murder in their coverage.

“This is absolutely insane, man,” Matt tells the reporter. “These people are just trying to protect their families, protect their water.”

Other protesters who have been accompanying McGorry at the Standing Rock protest have also been sharing images of the increasing violence.

McGorry has been asking fans to watch and share all the images and videos he’s sharing, which are from all different sources who are protesting at the DAPL site.

He also shared this NowThis video to his Facebook page on Tuesday, asking fans to “Please watch and share the atrocities being committed.”


Amnesty International and the United Nations recently sent officials to investigate allegations of human rights violations at Standing Rock after police responded to protesters in some confrontations with pepper spray, bean bags, rubber bullets, and other controversial means, and used private security staff with guard dogs in one confrontation with protesters.

Members of Standing Rock Sioux Reservation say the Dakota Access Pipeline endangers their water supply and desecrates sacred land.


[Featured Image by Matt McGorry/Facebook]

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