Miranda Lambert Letting Go Of Blake Shelton, Selling Home They Shared

Miranda Lambert is finally letting go of one part of Blake Shelton that she had held onto. These two split a while ago, and Miranda immediately moved out of Oklahoma and got rid of her businesses there. Miranda had a bed and breakfast and a store called The Pink Pistol, but she closed down both. Now E! Online is sharing that Miranda Lambert is selling her home in Nashville that she shared with Blake at one time. Miranda got the 11,000 square-foot Tennessee mansion in their divorce, but now she is letting go of it, too.

The news is out that Miranda Lambert has listed the house for sale. She is asking just under $2.6 million for the house, and one person has already made an offer on it. No word yet on what their offer was or if Miranda accepted it, though. Miranda and Blake bought this house together in 2013 for $2.26 million. They also had their homes in Oklahoma as well, but needed somewhere to stay when they were in Nashville for work.

Miranda Lambert’s Nashville house is in the gated Brentwood community. It has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. There is also a fitness center, tennis court, and a private pool. You can see the local golf course from the backyard. This is a gorgeous home for whoever ends up getting the chance to buy it from Miranda.

At this time, there is no word on where Miranda Lambert plans to live now that she is selling this house, but it isn’t the only property she owns. Blake Shelton still has his house in Oklahoma and is spending a lot of time in L.A. for The Voice and with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Miranda has moved on from anything that had to do with Blake and is just living her own life. She even moved her business to The Pink Pistol to Texas, which is where she is from originally. When she divorced Blake, she didn’t waste any time moving on. It is actually shocking it took her this long to sell the house in Tennessee, but Lambert is letting go of that now, too.

Fox News shared that Miranda Lambert also recently spoke out about the country song that changed her life. Miranda has been through a lot the last few years with her divorce from Blake and moving on. She shared, saying “Desperados Waiting for a Train” by Guy Clark was the song that changed her life. Miranda said, “As far as I can remember, the first feeling you have, when you really feel something by hearing a song? It was that song.” This may not be the song that everyone thinks of, but for Miranda, it was important to her.

You can see both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert tonight at the CMA Awards. These two may not be together anymore, but they still run in the same circles and will be seen at the same events. Miranda walked the red carpet with her new boyfriend, Anderson East. It is unknown at this time if Gwen Stefani is with Blake Shelton at the award show, but she isn’t on The Voice right now so she might have time to make the event. Fans would love to see her at the show by his side.

Are you shocked to hear that Miranda Lambert is selling the house that she once shared with Blake Shelton in Nashville? Do you think this is Lambert’s final step in moving on? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Miranda and Blake both tonight on the CMA Awards on ABC. This is going to be a huge show with it being the 50th anniversary.

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