‘Who Killed JonBenet’: Lifetime Movie — Was It Patsy Ramsey? Did Crazed-Stage Mom Kill Pageant Doll?

Who Killed JonBenet? If you ask John Ramsey, he’ll tell you emphatically that no one in the family murdered the girl. But the new world premiere Lifetime movie, which airs this Saturday night, might lean toward the Patsy Ramsey theory vs. Lou Smit’s intruder theory. The documentary, JonBenet’s Mother: Victim or Killer?, which will air for two hours right after Lifetime’s world premiere movie, examines whether or not Patsy Ramsey was the true killer. You’ll see never-before-seen interviews with new people and an analysis of the 911 phone call reporting the homicide. Who Killed JonBenet? is directed by Jason Lapeyre and written by Brian L. Ross.

Lifetime Movie: Who Killed JonBenet? Synopsis

A retelling of the events that led to the savage murder of JonBenet Ramsey, who was killed 20 years ago in Boulder, Colorado. She would be 26 years-old if she was still living. But to the world, she is forever the innocent six-year-old little girl whose murder is still unsolved.

  • The falling snowflakes and the haunting Christmas song, which serve as the backdrop for this film makes this Christmas murder mystery especially eerie.

Could Patsy Have Killed Her?

If you listen to interviews with John Ramsey, it’s obvious that he has no doubt that this murder was committed by an intruder, and the sincere look in his eyes, makes most people believe the same. However, there are those who believe, without a doubt, that in a moment of anger, Patsy Ramsey struck her daughter, which resulted in her death. Then, she wrote the ransom note and staged the scene to look like a kidnapper entered the home that night.

But even if a mother had killed their child by accident, could someone of Patsy Ramsey’s background and culture have the heart to pick the child up and place a garrote around its neck?

The old Ramsey family housekeeper certainly thought it was possible. According to Rense, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh brought out the following key points.

  • A Swiss Army knife was found in the basement room where JonBenet’s body was found.
  • Only Patsy could have put that knife there. I took it away from Burke (JonBenet’s older brother) and hid it in a linen closet near JonBenet’s bedroom. An intruder never would have found it. Patsy would have found it getting out clean sheets.
  • Pieces of rope were tied around JonBenet’s neck and wrist when her body was discovered Dec. 26, 1996.
  • The blanket wrapped around JonBenet’s body had been left in the dryer. There was still a Barbie Doll nightgown clinging to the blanket, so it had to have come out of the dryer recently, she said. Only Patsy would have known it was in the dryer, she said.
  • An intruder never would have found the door to the basement room where JonBenet’s body was discovered. It was too difficult to see unless someone knew it was there, she said.
  • Hoffmann-Pugh has never turned off her porch light since the death of JonBenet and won’t until her killer is found.

Lifetime Television: A History of Good Lifetime Movies Based on True Stories

Lifetime, the channel best known for its true-story-based movies, has been bringing them to you since the 1990s. The first JonBenet Ramsey movie that fans will remember appearing on the Lifetime channel was Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenet and the City of Boulder. It aired on Lifetime during the mid and late 2000s and the 2010s. However, it wasn’t a true Lifetime movie. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, aired for the first time in 2000 on CBS as a miniseries, which ran on Sunday, February 27 and Wednesday, March 1.

After CBS stopped airing it, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town aired on the Lifetime Channel. It will be interesting to see how Lifetime developed its version of the story and if it will be more gripping than the first movie based on Lawrence Schiller’s book.

Several documentaries have aired this year on the case, according to Rolling Stone. Lifetime’s movie Who Killed JonBenet? is produced by Everywhere Studios and Brightlights with Julia Eisenman, Anne Carlucci, Jamie Goehring, Shawn Williamson, and Tom Mazza as executive producers. Distribution is provided by A&E Networks. The two-hour documentary special JonBenet’s Mother: Victim or Killer? is produced by Sharp Entertainment with Matt Sharp, Dan Adler, and Siobhan Walshe on Sharp Entertainment’s side and Kimberly Chessler and Mary Donahue on Lifetime’s side.

Watch Who Killed JonBenet? this Saturday, November 5, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime. After the mystery movie, tell us the following. Who do you really think killed JonBenet Ramsey?

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