ZOMG!: The amazing Beatles Xbox 360

The Beatles: Rock Band launched today (it’s been mentioned here once or twice already), so Microsoft is putting some very special edition Xbox 360s up for auction. Featuring artwork from the game, they are freaking gorgeous, and proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières. Which is jolly nice.

It’s unknown how many of these actually exist, though I do know that each console will be individually numbered. The first is already up on Ebay and going for $7,000 as I type this. Wouldn’t it be amusing if Microsoft manufactured another five million?

The game is also out on PS3 and Wii, so if Sony or Nintendo want to mass produce a stunning, limited edition console for retail, I could be swayed. As it is, this Ebay auction simply causes my wallet to Gently Weep (last Beatles pun of the day, promise).

More pictures of this breathtaking beast are below. Check your drooling as you scroll:






[Via press release; Ebay auction here]