Pax And Shiloh Want To Live With Brad Pitt: Will Angelina Jolie Let Kids Go Live With Their Dad?

Shaunee Flowers

Angelina Jolie has asked for full custody of all six of her children with Brad Pitt as their divorce drama continues. It's starting to look like the Jolie-Pitt kids are split about who they want to live with, though, and two of them are begging to go live with Brad. While Maddox is still fuming mad and has even reportedly gone so far as to deny Pitt is even his father, Pax and Shiloh are pining away for their dad, and a new Hollywood Life report suggests that they are asking to go live with him.

The report quotes a source for OK! Magazine who claims that both Pax and Shiloh have already asked to go live with Brad in their established Los Angeles-area home. After filing divorce papers, Angelina reportedly took all six kids with her and rented a home in Malibu even though the Jolie-Pitt family already owns two large homes in the area.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt still have to hammer out the details of their divorce and child custody arrangements as they head toward finalizing their split. Currently, Angelina has a temporary custody order that grants her physical custody of all six children.

In the wake of the private jet altercation between Brad Pitt and his 15-year old son Maddox that reportedly led up to the Jolie-Pitt divorce, all of the children are reportedly seeing a family therapist. Brad has been to a few sessions where the children were present, and he was able to see five of the six kids. There is still a lot of tension between Brad and Maddox, who hasn't wanted anything to do with his famous father since the jet fight and divorce filing by Angelina.

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Maddox has made it clear that he is siding with his mom and wants to remain in the custody of Angelina Jolie. Hollywood Life has also reported that Maddox recently lashed out at Brad Pitt, telling his famous dad, "You are not my father." The whole dramatic scene reportedly played out during the one therapy session when Brad and Maddox were able to come together.

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So far, there is no word about which parent the other three children prefer. Of course, based on their ages, they don't get to choose where they will live anyway, but Zahara, Vivienne, and Knox have no reported parent preference or at least it's not been reported yet.

Do you think Shiloh and Pax should be able to choose to live with Brad Pitt instead of Angelina Jolie? Tell us what you think of the latest development in the Jolie-Pitt divorce drama.

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