Is Sofia Richie Moving On From Justin Bieber With Brooklyn Beckham?

Sofia Richie may be moving on from Justin Bieber with another famous face.

Earlier this week, nearly two months after parting ways with Bieber following a whirlwind summer romance, Sofia Richie, 18, was photographed spending time with the son of soccer star David Beckham, 17-year-old Brooklyn Beckham.

“Catching up around midnight in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, [Sofia Richie and Brooklyn Beckham] laughed as they chatted together in the street,” the Daily Mail revealed to readers on October 31.

According to photos of Sofia Richie and Brooklyn Beckham, the potential pair appeared to be quite comfortable with one another and at one point, Richie was seen grabbing hold of Beckham’s arm. That said, a source spoke to the Daily Mail and claimed that the two were not involved in a romance. Instead, a source revealed, they are simply part of the same group of friends in Los Angeles.

In August, Sofia Richie began to make headlines after she and Justin Bieber were spotted spending time together in Laguna Beach, California. In the days that followed, the couple confirmed they were involved in some sort of relationship as they traveled to Japan together and shared a couple of photos of one another online.

Following their trip to Japan, Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber traveled to Mexico to celebrate Richie’s 18th birthday, and while there, they sparked rumors of a committed relationship when they were caught getting cozy on a beach before enjoying quality time together on a yacht.

Although Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber seemed to be dating when the photos were taken, it was confirmed just weeks after their trip that they were never in an exclusive relationship. Instead, an insider revealed, the rumored couple was simply “hanging out.”

“They were never officially together, but more casual hanging out and having fun,” a source explained to E! News in September. “It was super-hot and heavy, and because Justin doesn’t want a relationship right now, he wanted to cool things down. It wasn’t an intentional cool-off… [it] just sort of happened on its own.”

Sofia Richie’s relationship with Bieber was called off before the singer traveled to Europe for a series of Purpose World Tour shows.

“They are still friends though and will continue to see each other like they did before they were dating,” a second insider shared. “They are taking a backseat though on the romance side of things and just focusing on being friends at this time.”

One month later, after Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber were seen in London at the same venue, a source claimed the former couple was back in touch but no longer hooking up.

“[Sofia Richie] and Justin are not back together, and they never were an official couple,” an insider told E! News. “They just hooked up and were close friends.”

Sofia and Justin remain “close friends,” despite not hooking up anymore, but that isn’t to say that everything is peachy keen between them. According to the insider, Sofia Richie wasn’t exactly thrilled with how her relationship with Bieber was handled.

“Sofia is still kind of annoyed at how Justin handled a few things, but they still communicate,” the insider noted. “They haven’t hooked up in a minute… Sofia is chill with the whole situation and not ruling out future possibilities with Justin, but as of this second nothing is happening.”

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]