Social Media Slams Farrah Abraham For Giving Daughter Sofia A Weight-Loss Laxative Tea–Reality TV Star Fires Back

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is no stranger to social media scandals. Us Weekly reports that the reality TV star faced backlash on Tuesday, November 1 for posting a photo promoting a weight-loss and detox tea and it appeared that Sofia was drinking the beverage.

“Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I – after all that candy,” Farrah captioned the image on Instagram. Abraham defended herself by stating that the photo wasn’t exactly as it seemed. Farrah claimed that the beverage in Sofia’s cup was strawberry flavored milk.

As you can imagine, the Teen Mom OG star’s followers were quick to bash her for her parenting choices. They were upset at the thought that the single mother was giving her seven-year-old daughter a laxative tea.

The Flat Tummy Tea website states the beverage can help reduce bloating and support your metabolism, increasing your energy to help flatten your tummy. The website also admits that their claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The tea is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

“I’m sure your delusional parenting ways are further damaging that child by teaching her to take laxatives to be thin,” a follower stated on Instagram. Another fan said, “You really are an a**clown @farrah__abraham and absolutely the worst patent on the earth, hands down! Your poor kid… and just when you thought 30 years of intense therapy would help her you pull this. Your so disgusting and absolute garbage.”

A few of her fans stood up for her and noted they had a deep admiration for her because she does whatever she has to support her daughter. Farrah has never claimed to be perfect and embraces many of her faults. She is acutely aware of her mistakes and has vowed to try to be a better mother, despite the overwhelming dislike of her on the MTV hit reality TV series, Teen Mom OG.

“Girl you really need some serious help. What you’re doing to your child is unsafe. Practice what you preach. The only logical thing I can think of for your behavior is that you sold your soul which further explains why you’re so heartless. She is a CHILD. Let her be a CHILD,” another Instagram follower touted.

Apparently, all the fan backlash was unnecessary. Abraham explained that Sofia didn’t drink any of the weight-loss and detox tea—she was drinking Nesquik, a strawberry-flavored milk beverage.

“She has strawberry milk, and I have my tea,” Abraham said. “She wanted to take a pic like that, so no, my daughter does not have tea in her cup.”

In the past year, Abraham has been under fire for her parenting choices. Just a few months ago, her haters went crazy when she allowed her first-grader to wear makeup to school, Wet Paint reports. Many people felt that the 25-year-old single mother shouldn’t let her young daughter to wear makeup and should encourage her to “act her age.”

Farrah faced some criticism when allowed Sofia to run her boutique, including being in charge of hiring and firing employees. Social media was quick to jump on Abraham for giving Sofia more than she can handle at only seven-years-old.

This time, the Teen Mom OG can relax—Farrah Abraham did not give her daughter any diet supplements. Whew, thank goodness it was a false alarm; however, Farrah’s picture gave her followers quite a scare.

Teen Mom OG fans, do you think Farrah Abraham would give her daughter Flat Tummy Tea for a photo opportunity?

Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights on MTV.

[Featured Image by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]