WWE Rumors: Theory And Spoiler On Who Attacked Enzo Amore Could Lead To Biggest Heel Turn In A Long Time

Over the last couple of weeks, Enzo Amore has been blindsided and attacked at different episodes of Monday Night Raw, which has led to a major investigation taking place. General Manager Kurt Angle is not going to rest until he finds out who attacked the tag team partner of Big Cass, as he doesn't want his superstars injured by nefarious purposes. Rumors are flying, and a spoiler-filled theory may have revealed the mysterious attacker -- and it could lead to a huge heel turn.

After almost winning the Raw Tag Team Titles on a few occasions, the team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass have kind of blended into the background. Over the last two weeks, they've been in the spotlight due to Enzo being viciously attacked backstage and left unconscious time and time again.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle vowed this past Monday that an investigation would be started to figure out who is beating down Enzo. Big Cass says he won't rest until he finds out who is hurting his little buddy, but this could end up being one of the best storylines of the year.

Fans can expect this angle to continue for a few more weeks, but when the attacker is finally revealed, they won't believe their eyes.

wwe news rumors enzo amore big cass attacked monday night raw theory corey graves
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According to Wrestling Observer Radio (via PW Mania), Vince McMahon is ready to give Big Cass a huge push as a singles wrestler. That is why this angle is going to continue for a few weeks, as it will build up the mystery and lead to the huge surprise of Big Cass being named as the person who has attacked Enzo Amore.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer stated that the break-up of the tag team has been discussed for weeks now. Once the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE, they became the top babyface tag team in the company. This gives Vince a chance to push Big Cass as he's wanted to do for a long time.

To add more credibility to this storyline, Give Me Sport came up with a theory that WWE is really building it up as a huge mystery. After the first attack last week, heel Raw announcer Corey Graves said he would like to shake the hand of the man responsible for attacking Enzo.

Graves even speculated that it could be Cass himself who attacked his partner. Later, Big Cass came out to the announce table out of nowhere and confronted Graves for his words, which led to the announcer giving an apology and Cass shaking his hand.

This could end up being nothing but a coincidence, but it also works well with the storyline. When Cass is finally revealed as the attacker, WWE could play this as a flashback, which was a big clue.

wwe news rumors enzo amore big cass attacked monday night raw theory corey graves
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There was speculation that The Revival were responsible for attacking Enzo Amore as they were seen walking around after the first attack. While Kurt Angle said he saw them leave the arena earlier that night, Big Cass was adamant in placing the blame on them and off of anyone else.

It is always possible that the storyline could be changed by the moment they're set to make the big reveal, but if it stays as Big Cass, it will be one of the biggest heel turns in a long time. Big Cass will probably end up in the title picture while it is not yet known what will happen with Enzo Amore.

The tag team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass started off with incredible amounts of attention and quickly shot up the ranks with the fans. Over time, though, it appears as if some have grown tired of the same old routine, and that means it is time for Vince McMahon to shake things up. Big Cass is primed and ready for a mega-push, which will start with him being revealed as the one who has been attacking his tag team partner and officially turning him heel.

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