WWE News: Bill Goldberg Talks Ring Rust After ‘Raw’ Slip

Bill Goldberg made his WWE return a couple of weeks back and delivered a fantastic promo that really excited fans. They were obviously thrilled to see the former WCW World Champion back in the ring. However, that promo was followed up last week by a very subpar Paul Heyman promo in response. Things took an even bigger dive this week when Bill Goldberg botched a move in his first physical confrontation in a WWE ring in 12 years.

In a Facebook Q&A (via Wrestling Inc), Bill Goldberg was asked about the moment on WWE Monday Night Raw where he slipped when trying to pick up Rusev. As Goldberg said, it was not something that anyone should be surprised by based on the length of time he was out of the ring.

“It’s literally the second time I’ve stepped inside the ring, it’s no excuse, it happens and it is what it is. At the end of the day it made it look like more of a real fight and all you guys out there on social media you can kiss my butt, because there’s nothing you can say to make me feel any worse than I’m making myself feel.”

Bill Goldberg is right. The WWE fans who are making such a big deal out of the slip are just giving Goldberg a hard time because wrestlers who get in the ring every day still botch moves on occasion.

What happened was that Bill Goldberg was in the ring cutting a promo about Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar, and the upcoming Survivor Series match. In the middle of his interview, Paul Heyman interrupted and came into the ring to talk to Goldberg.

Heyman faked the crowd out and claimed Brock Lesnar was coming. Lesnar never showed up, and Heyman made the mistake of talking crap about Goldberg’s son. That caused Goldberg to approach Heyman, which brought out Rusev for the save.

Bill Goldberg and Rusev faced off, and Rusev ran down Goldberg before trying to attack him. Goldberg hit some sloppy knees, slipped and fell, regained his balance and hit the Jackhammer on Rusev. Goldberg then turned and hit an awkward looking spear on Paul Heyman to end the segment.

It was sloppy work from Goldberg. The fact that Rusev was who the WWE chose to face Goldberg was also strange since he is a major heel, and a mid card heel would have been better here. However, when it comes to Goldberg hitting sloppy moves, there is hopefully a plan to get him to the Performance Center to work these things out before the Survivor Series in three weeks.


Bill Goldberg needs to get ready for the big match because this could be his last one for the WWE. There are rumors that Goldberg could stick around for a WrestleMania match, but everything needs to go well in this Survivor Series match first.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the WWE is likely to induct Bill Goldberg into the WWE Hall of Fame next year, which would be similar to the way they inducted Sting and the Ultimate Warrior after they made their video game cover appearances. If that is all that is left for Goldberg after his Brock Lesnar fight, fans have to hope that he makes this a good one.

The Survivor Series takes place on Nov. 20 in Toronto and will air on the WWE Network. The card features three traditional Survivor Series matches and is headlined by the Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match.

[Featured Image by WWE]