‘Ghost Adventures’ Zak Bagans Shares Heartfelt Message, Consequences Of Demonic Investigating, Says ‘Demons Are Like Diseases’

Ghost Adventures aired their two hour long Halloween episode this past Saturday and fans are still talking about it. Route 666 has left fans terrified and the crew scarred mentally, emotionally and physically. The Ghost Adventures crew consists of four main investigators, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley, as well as, other behind the scenes crew members. Following the horrific experiences the crew had while filming Route 666, lead investigator Zak Bagans has spoken out about the show and their purpose for doing what they do.

Bagans took to his official Facebook page to share a personal, heartfelt message to fans explaining demonic investigations. Zak begins by sharing a fact that he and his crew investigate more demonic hauntings than anyone else. Zak explains that there is more to it then going into these negative areas with EMF, electromagnetic field meters, and other cool gadgets. Bagans says the demons do not just comply with their requests and then they all go home and everything is just fine. Zak says the consequences of these demonic encounters are real and experienced by all of them.

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“Going to investigate demonic infestations is like walking into a cage full of lions infected with rabies,” Bagans says.

Zak continues by saying that an investigator is not going to leave unaffected. Bagans says when you leave you will “leave that cage with marks on your soul.” Zak says there is even more sensitivity to the demonic activity when there is already vulnerability and scars present from previous investigations.

“We are like open wounds that never heal from overexposure.”

Bagans continues his explanation by sharing that when you investigate places where possessions and attacks have occurred week after week and year after year that a person will change and become emotionally affected and can even be controlled.

“We are at a deeper level of investigating because our bodies, our spirits, our minds have been possessed by this dark energy over and over, time after time, overexposed.”

Bagans continues by saying, “Demons are like diseases, they inject into you and it’s up to them how long your symptoms last.”

Bagans then said that Ghost Adventures is not just a television show. There is no script and their are no producers telling them what to do and say. Zak reminds everyone that he is in control of how the show is run. Bagans says the show is real and an experiment to see how the four of them are effected over the course of 10 years going nonstop with their investigations.

“We are unlike anything you have ever seen before, I dont say that with ego, I say that because we are the ones who know what we go through, the medical sicknesses/ ailments, the families that are effected from this, the broken marriages, the oppression, the depression, the possession….this isnt just for your entertainment, this is for real.”

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After experiencing an attachment following investigating for the Route 666 special, crew member Ashley quit the show. Ashley is married to investigator Jay Wasley and Zak shared that the two have been separated since filming this Halloween special. Fellow investigator Aaron Goodwin was actually injured during filming for this episode. Aaron continues to suffer from nightmares and heal from his wounds.

It looks like the investigations have taken their toll on Zak and the crew. Bagans continued on in his Facebook message, sharing that they would be taking a break from demonic investigations.

“We all are deciding to take a long break from demonic investigations until all of us are fully healed from our Halloween, and other investigations.”

Bagans concluded by emphasizing that not all paranormal investigating is evil or demonic. Zak shared that some places leave him feeling amazing. He reiterated that he just wanted people to understand the differences in investigations, which is simply, “Heaven and hell.”

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Aside from filming Ghost Adventures, Bagans had purchased and filmed a documentary on what is known as the Demon House in Gary, Indiana. Dread Central shared information about some of the experiences Zak faced while filming this documentary. At one point, production had to come to a halt because of very peculiar happenings. Some of the former owners returned at Bagan’s request and upon their arrival demonic activity returned. Upon concluding filming of this demonic location, TMZ reported the house was destroyed last February. The house was demolished by Bagans in hopes of closing this evil portal.

Ghost Adventures continues to air on the Travel Channel. Stay tuned for more news on Zak and the crew as they continue to heal from their demonic hunts.

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