‘Westworld’ Spoilers: Reddit Fan Theories Explain The Basis Of The Maze

Westworld spoilers on Reddit have revealed some key points in upcoming episodes along with possibilities that allow fans to see the HBO sci-fi TV show in a whole new perspective.

Among the most talked about possibilities that have become more intriguing after Westworld’s fifth episode titled “Contrapasso” hit our TV sets is the fan theory about the connection between the Man In Black (Ed Harris) and William (Jimmi Simpson).

In most Westworld Reddit spoilers, the episode may have confirmed the theory about Harris and Simpson’s character being the past and present versions of a single person, which has become a main subject.

But while the Internet is focusing more on the discovering whether the showrunners are inter-weaving different timelines or not, a Reddit user may have discovered the inspiration of one of the most enigmatic mysteries inside the park: The Maze.

The Maze in 'Westworld'
[Image by HBO]

For those who are just catching up with the new HBO hit, The Maze is a mysterious symbol that has constantly popped up in different instances since Westworld premiered. As weeks pass and we see more of the show’s episodes, Westworld’s Maze have become a more significant part of the plot.

Now, some members of the expanding Westworld fanbase are digging up possibilities that could help them discern what questions and answers The Maze holds.

One Reddit user recently revealed a potential Westworld spoiler. PetrusDran shared his idea about how The Maze was based on the Southwestern O’odham myth of the “Man in the Maze.”

Cool theories guys, but this is the Westworld Maze... from westworld

According to the Reddit user, the connection of the American Southwestern legend to Westworld, which was cited in a Wikipedia link he included in his post, was hinted at Dr. Robert Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) miniature Hopi kachina dolls collection, which was shown during Episode 3 titled “The Stray.”

PetrusDran also mentioned that the Wiki article included an image that looks very similar to the Southwestern culture.

But what piqued our interest the most is the top comment in the Westworld spoilers Reddit from SourHero who cited a passage from the same Wikipedia article.

“‘The Man in the Maze’ motif appears frequently in contemporary crafts and art of the American Southwest, most prominently by Tohono O’odham silversmiths in rings and other jewelry and by Akinel O’odham artisans in baskets. Among these groups, the pattern has been very popular since the 1900s. Every basket pattern has a ‘mistake,’ called a dau (door), which is intentionally integrated into its design so that the spirit of the basket can be released.”

For those who have been religiously been following the progress of the show as well as Westworld spoilers on Reddit, it may point to the fact that Dolores and the other hosts who achieved higher consciousness than what they were programmed to have could go on a quest to look for the door out of the maze.

This was also pointed out during Dolores’s (Evan Rachel Wood) secret conversion with Westworld Programming Head Bernard Lowe’s (Jeffrey Wright) in “The Stray” where the two are talking about mistakes as mentioned in the Wikipedia article.

In the scene, Dolores says something that provides grounds for the theory.

“I think when I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”

There is also a possibility that the “mistake” mentioned in the Westworld spoilers was purposely added to the hosts’ programming by Dr. Ford’s partner in creating the realistic Wild West theme park: Arnold.

In Episode 3, Dr. Ford explained how Arnold wanted to bestow the hosts with consciousness which is why the bosses decided that he was not fit for the project.

“I’m betting the Maze was created by Arnold who hoped to reach actual consciousness with the hosts hoping that one day a mistake would let them find the door. That’s why the little girl tells the Man in Black, ‘The Maze isn’t for you,’ because he is not a host.”

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